"The Argentine Voice": they reveal the big change that the new season will have

Less and less is missing for the premiere of the new season of “The Argentine Voice”. After being the most watched program of 2021, Telefe bet again on the format of the singing competition and there is great expectation to meet new artists.

Although all the details have already been confirmed and the recordings that will be seen in June have begun, a new aspect was revealed that almost completely changes reality. Ricardo Montaner, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastorutti and Mau and Ricky They will once again say present as the jurors, although this time they will have a new function.

Bill “World Famous” shared on his Instagram profile some news about “The Argentine Voice”. The main one was that the judges will be able to use the “Block” function, which will allow them to secure a participant for their team. “Each coach will have the opportunity to block the return of his partner so that he does not fight for any participant”, mention the post.

In addition, they clarified that there was a change in the chairs and in the scenery, which demonstrates the commitment of the signal to show off “The Argentine Voice”. It is estimated that the program will begin in early June, so there are several weeks of auditions left in the recording studios.

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