"The Argentine Voice": the cast of "scallions" published a brief against the jury for the elimination of a participant

“The Argentine Voice” stays as the most successful program on television today. Since its premiere, singing reality show gets amazing ratings resultsthanks to the amazing presentations of the participants and the funny jokes of the jury, made up of Lali Esposito, Ricardo Montaner, Soledad Pastorutti and Mau and Ricky.

The artists are in charge of choosing those who will integrate their teams. On Monday’s broadcast, a young man from Santa Cruz was not selected despite his excellent presentation, and viewers complained on the networks. In the same way it happened with Leonardo Centenowho played Hippolytus in “Scallions”, what later of his performance he had harsh words against the judges, mainly against the leader of the Montaner clan.

“They did not correct technical errors. Almost everything they told me I understood, there is one thing I do not share and that was what he told me Ricardo Montaner. He told me that I had sung with a style that does not belong to me, (…) It is a raspy voice with a style and I sang like that”, declared.

Leonardo Centeno from “Cebollitas” was not chosen by the jury of ”
The Argentine Voice.

Given this, Leandro’s former companions in the remembered children’s strip published an open letter to repudiate the decision of the coaches.

“Given the facts of public knowledge, We want to express the total repudiation of what happened in the Telefe cycle, ‘La Voz Argentina’, with our colleague and friend Leonardo Centeno. We believe that the jury’s statements, especially those of Mr. Ricardo Montanerwere totally unfair and we really hold that Leo was kicked out of the program for being Cebollita“, begins the writing that the actors shared with John Etchegoyen in “Miter Live”.

The text then states: We will not allow them to continue to discriminate against us. how it happened in the recordings of the program when there was a work dynamic that was fortunately far away full of mistreatment, harassment and threats“.

“The idea with this writing is support our colleague and express our disagreement with the artistic cycle that carries forward the signal that gave us so much popularity. Thank you for your time, yours sincerely, Los Cebollitas”, concludes the letter.

Leonardo Centeno in “Onions”.

Marcelo Italian gave life to Sammy on the boys’ show and talked to Etchegoyen about the situation. “I went through the experience of being a jury and soon I will be again, I believe that the returns should always be constructive and that they point to the technical, that this return will serve the artist and it seems to me that in this case it did not happen, does not construct what was said, it was all loaded with subjectivity and what happened to Leo bothers me personally,” commented.

Leo was ignored in La Voz Argentina, when they are based on so many subjective personal assessments“, he opined at the end.

See what the text that the cast of “Cebollitas” published against the juries of “La Voz Argentina” says

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