"The Argentine Voice": the battles ended and the memes dismissed the participation of Palito Ortega

“The Argentine Voice” said goodbye to the battles, which appeared as the second instance of the competition. Jurors made risky decisionssince they had to leave some of their chosen ones on the road, beyond the robberies that occurred after the crossings.

The particularity of the instance is that the rehearsals were invited by recognized artists along with the juries. In the case of Ricardo Montaner, Ortega stick provided a second opinion in the preparation of the presentations. Nevertheless, social networks took the expressions seriously to make different memes.

As is often the case, Twitter was the main source of quips by viewers of “The Argentine Voice”. Thursday night’s broadcast meant the end of the second stage, since next Sunday the knockouts will begina new test for the participants.

the farewell of Ortega stick of the Telefe competition was a great opportunity for new memes to appear on his face of pure concentration. In addition, the seriousness that she had to listen to a heartfelt story of Ricardo Montaner and the admiration he feels for his colleague and idol, as he confessed.

“Thank you Palito for your visit to “La Voz Argentina, you left me a meme that I will always use”was one of the messages that was read about the particular recognition of the singer-songwriter who has been in Argentine popular music for more than five decades.

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