"The Argentine Voice" seeks to add Camilo for the new season: the details

The premiere of the new season is approaching “The Argentine Voice”hence the production does not stop its work in search of confirming the invited artists. Although the recordings have already begun and it is estimated that they will air at the beginning of June, a star could be added.

As reported the Pavada from Daily Chronicle, Ricardo Montaner He was the last to arrive in the country and thus begin filming. Fairly a relative of the singer is wanted by Telefe to join the new seasonalbeit in a temporary way.

As happened in the 2021 edition, the second stage will have guest coaches and they seek to repeat them, although with a different name. Abel Pintos, Nicky Nicole, Cazzu and the surprise would come with Camilohusband Evaluate Montaner.

Camilo with Evaluna Montaner.

The problem they would have found would be that the agendas coincide, both from the program and from the Colombian singer. There is still time as it is estimated that the recordings of the first round will take several weeks, so they do not want to leave any details open in the negotiation.

Telefe bets heavily on the tank “The Argentine Voice” for the prime time of your screen.

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