"The Argentine Voice": reveal details of the new look of Lali Esposito

“The Argentine Voice” It has in its juries the great protagonists, along with the participants, of the Telefe contest. Within that category, Lali Esposito stands out for its returns Y occurrences that make the whole studio laugh. This itself generates great expectations among viewers, since they are waiting for every detail of the actress.

The truth is next Sunday will be the start of the knock outs in the competitionwhich appears as the third stage. These episodes, which will be broadcast until Thursday, August 18, have already been recorded. and the coaches await the decisive instances, some of which will be live.

As usual, the new stage will have a change of look in each jury. Lali Esposito seeks to surprise everyone “The Argentine Voice” with new hair tied up, plus she’ll be dressed in pink. For its part, Ricardo Montaner will be in red Soledad Pastorutti sexy, and Mau and Ricky quirky, classic on them.

On the other hand, the assistants of each jury in the rehearsals of the songs have also been confirmed. Lali Esposito will be accompanied by Matthew Sukhatovich of “Knowing Russia”, Montaner by Alexander LernerMau and Ricky for FMK and La Sole by Diego Torres.

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