"The Argentine Voice": rain of memes by the expressions of Palito Ortega

“The Argentine Voice” He has already left the blind auditions behind, so the beginning of the battles brought great repercussion on social networks. While the participants cling to their place in the Telefe competition, the viewers did not miss a particular moment that was experienced in the days of the second stage.

One of the seasonings that the new instance has is the appearance of guest coaches to provide new views on the singers. Soledad Pastorutti had the help of Karina the little princess, Lali Esposito of alex ubago, Mau and Ricky of Manuel Turizo Y Ricardo Montaner of Ortega stick.

Precisely the last mentioned was a source of memes for his expressions while listening to the rehearsals of the participants of “The Argentine Voice”. During Wednesday’s broadcast, Palito Ortega decided to advise two singers who seek to sing in Spanishsomething that had an impact on Twitter.

“Little stick when they invited him He said ‘I’m going but I’m going to go with the waves of the waves’ or does it look like me?, wrote the user MalikHoranRico, in the same vein as many other profiles. The memes were not lacking due to the seriousness of the popular singer-songwriter in providing the returns and listening to the performances.

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