"The Argentine Voice": Lali Espósito left a strong message about mental health and moved a participant

Lali Espósito’s participation in “La Voz Argentina” is not only due to her talent and humor, but also has a big heart and shows it in each program. During the last broadcast of the program Marley, the singer of “Discipline” thought about mental health after a participant tells her story and explains that she suffered from panic attacks due to her anxiety.

There he said: “At 30 I understand it, I recognize it in myself and I see it very clearly in young boys because they have so many stimuli and everything seems to be already, that it is fast, ephemeral… and there is so much of that -focusing on art I say-. That’s a lie”.

Likewise, Lali Espósito thanked the contestant for having told her story since it can reach many people and at the same time make them aware. And he added: “I made that parenthesis because there are many kids who suffer from it and it’s good to talk at home.”

Despite the great talent that the participant of “The Argentine Voice”, Lali Esposito did not turn around. However, his companions did and she decided to stay on the Mau and Ricky teamleaving aside Soledad Pasturutti Y Ricardo Montaner.

Lali Espósito as jury of the new edition of “La Voz Argentina”.

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