"The Argentine Voice": Lali Espósito flirted with a participant and gave him her number

Since the new season of “ The Argentine Voice” on Telefe, the cycle conducted by Marley managed to have surprising numbers and a good fidelity of the audience. This is due to the talent of the contestants and the funny moments they star in. Lali Esposito, Mau and Ricky, Soledad Pastorutti Y Ricardo Montaner.

Although in reality They finished recording the battles and the co-coaches are preparing, On the air, the challenges continue to be seen blindly and on Monday night there was a participant who took all eyes, especially Lali’s.

Is about alexis pey, the contestant who pushed all limits by interpreting his own version of “Stop crying”. However, his proposal and his nerves left him out of the contest.

You brought a very cool proposal but, with all due respect, the decisions you made were not wise, none was going to a good end. I want to tell you a lot of things, but I can’t accommodate the ideas because you’re very cute“said the actress.

Before the return of Mau Montaner, Lali joked again with the young man from Olavarría: “You were also speechless“.

While Pey said goodbye to the contest and the jury chairs turned around to prepare for the next participant, Lali blurted out looking at him: “154 333 72…”.

Look at Lali Esposito’s fun flirtation in “La Voz Argentina”!

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