"The Argentine Voice": it was known when the "Knockouts"

They are busy weeks for “The Argentine Voice” and its members. Since last Monday, the musical contest began to compete against the new format of Marcelo Tinellising with me now” Y launched a strong strategy to capture your audience.

For its part, the jurors were called to return to the country and record the next stages of the cycle. It is the case of Mau and Ricky who, after missing the plane at the Miami airport with their wives sarah escobar Y Stefi Roitmann, arrived in Ezeiza on Wednesday. After settling in their house in Nordelta, the brothers were already fully involved in the recordings of “The Argentine Voice as indicated The Nonsense of the Chronicle Journal.

While next Thursday the battles end where Lali Esposito, Soledad PastoruttiMau and Ricky and Ricardo Montaner They define the options and prepare for the next level in which there are fewer participants and they will show their new looks.

Soon on the small screen the “Knockouts” will be seen with the remaining participants. Margarita Bullrich since she was left outbut you can go through “The return” with Rochi Igarzabal.

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