The Argentine actor who was a partner of Zharick León from Pasión de Gavilanes


The actress who personifies Rosario Montes fell in love with another interpreter while they were shooting a soap opera. Know everything about this Netflix figure!

Zharick León plays Rosario Montes in Pasión de Gavilanes.
© TelemundoZharick León plays Rosario Montes in Pasión de Gavilanes.

A soap opera came back to top the trends: Passion of Hawks. The fiction that began in 2003 on Telemundo, knew how to become a real success that toured all of Latin America. In this way, two decades after his fury, his team decided to resume the story with a second installment that is now available on Netflix and that occupies the position of the most watched series since its premiere. But just as they appear on the screen flashy romancesalso the main actors star a few in real life.

This is the case of Zarick Leonthe Colombian actress and model who personifies the singer Rosario Montes in Passion of Hawks. And although later he was part of other hits like Mrs. Bellain the skin of Bella Cepeda, or The graduatesplaying Patricia Delgado, her audience will never be able to forget the important role she played in the series starring Mario Cimarro and Danna Garcia.

Although throughout all his soap operas he has had different love interests, there is one that seems to have stolen all his attention when the cameras turn off. It’s about a argentinian actor with whom he fell in love and even had a son. We talk about Martin Karpanthe interpreter born in Buenos Aires who chose to travel to Colombia in 2003 -the same year in which it began to be broadcast Passion of Hawks– to try their luck and open up to the Latin American market through this type of fiction.

He led some hits like I’ll teach you to love either The body of desire, where he shared the set with Mario Cimarro, the well-known Juan Reyes Guerrero. In 2006, Julio Jimenez, the creator of the novel that stands out today on Netflix, decided to start a new project. It was about the widow in white, a production starring Itatí Cantoral. However, Zharick León as Iluminada Urbina and Martín Karpan as Amador Blanco Albarracín were part of the secondary cast.

The crush was instant and by 2007 they entered into a romantic relationship. A year later, they gave birth to their son, Luciano Karpan Leon. But the truth is that this love story did not extend much further: in 2009, they chose to break their bond and go their separate ways. Apparently, the Argentine actor is not interested in committing too much when he is in a relationship. Or at least that’s how he explained it on the program La Movida.

I never gave a ring and I never will give it. I do not believe in marriageit seems to me that it is a commitment that ends up damaging the relationshipKarpan explained. And he insisted:One should live as a boyfriend all his life, because a kind of idyll is created. Now, when you get married, there is a contract involved and you already take it for granted. When you take a relationship for granted is when the chunks appear”.

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