The apps on your Android mobile are not compatible with dark mode: know the solution

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What is dark mode Android? All smartphones have this feature, which is responsible for protecting your eyes from the powerful white lights emitted by the screens of mobile devices in dimly lit places, it is also a function with which you can save a large amount of battery after reducing brightness levels. A fairly common problem is that many apps do not support dark mode, even after enabling it from the notification menu. Would you like to fix this problem? in Mag we will explain it below.

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To check that certain applications are not compatible with dark mode, activate it and then open Twitter, it is one of those that opposes working with this tool, said social network radiates a white light that bothers you even when the brightness is at 5 %, therefore, this time we will teach you a simple trick to force all your applications (without exception) to be compatible. The steps are simple and you won’t have to download external programs or root the device.

The trick to force all Android applications to have dark mode

  • First, enter the “Settings” of your phone Androidyou locate it with the icon of a cogwheel or gear.
  • Now, you have to enable the “Developer options”, to do so, click on the section that says “About the phone” > “Software information”.
  • The next step is to tap several times on the “Build number” option until the message “Developer options have been enabled” appears.
  • Go back to the “Settings” and scroll down, you will see that you have already enabled the aforementioned mode, press it.
  • Finally, find and activate the “Force Dark Mode” switch.

That would be all. Just corroborate the changes made by opening the applications that were not compatible with dark mode despite having it activated, since this configuration of the Android operating system will force them to remove that powerful white light that bothers you at night.

Recommendations to keep your phone cool during the summer

  • Avoid intense gaming sessions: If you play for many hours during the winter, your phone will also overheat, however, the ambient temperature will not feed this excessive heat on the equipment, but in the summer it will. In this last station, try not to open heavy games that consume too many GB of RAM.
  • Apps open in the background: when you minimize a window on the computer, you have not closed it completely, the same thing happens on your cell phone when you exit an app, you have only minimized it. If you want to close them all, press the icon of the three vertical stripes that are located in the navigation bar of Androidthen, proceed to touch the button that says “Close all”, so you will not leave open processes, therefore your cell phone will not overheat even more with the summer temperature.
  • Avoid using covers: the covers help your smartphone stay protected against bumps or falls, but some materials transmit heat in a more significant way.
  • Charge your cell phone in cold places: this tip is related to the previous one, when charging your device, remove the cover, also, place the equipment on a cold surface, such as the floor, for example, do not leave it on the bed, on top of a cloth or on something that generate heat.
  • Disable unnecessary features: do not have bluetooth turned on if you are not going to use it, in the same way mobile data, 5G connectivity, Xiaomi’s Game Turbo mode, etc., are functions that will only overheat the mobile.
  • Other recommendations: Turn off your cell phone for a few minutes once a day, and get external fans.

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