"The animation is totally lame" : attacked on his presentation of "100% Logical"Cyril Féraud replies on Twitter and calls to zap!

Since September 24, 2022, Cyril Féraud has been able to impose himself at the controls of the latest game created by France 2: 100% Logical. This is evidenced by its fine prime-time audiences in the face of very tough competition. This Saturday, March 11, the channel was broadcasting on 6th and final episode of this entertainment which welcomed three prestigious guests: Indira Ampiot, Miss France 2023, comedian Titoff and singer Liane Foly. Their role ? Play, of course, but also support the 100 candidates present who will try to win the 100,000 euro cup! The concept ? France Télévisions defines it as “the first quiz that does not test general culture and knowledge, but logic, observation skills and viewer common sense!“The goal is to answer a series of questions: from the easiest (the one that 95% of French people can answer) to the most difficult (the one that only 1% of the population is able to answer).

This game is the delight of many viewers who do not hesitate to share their answers live on social networks. And it is also on Twitter that some complain about the host.

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“I adore you, only haters, jealous people…”

And to one of them, Cyril Féraud did not fail to shut up. Indeed to the unkind tweet: “#100Logic I’ve seen nothing more embarrassing than Cyril Féraud. The show isn’t bad, but the animation sucks. The 37-year-old presenter, revealed thanks to slam on France 3also responds dryly but not without “logic” and humour: “ Change the channel, there’s a choice! Kisses”. A comment widely supported and relayed by Internet users: “It tickled me to tell him!” ; “He didn’t understand the theme of the show, we’re testing his logic, not the host”; “I like you Mr. Féraud, and this show suits you like a glove (and vice versa)”; or “I adore you, only haters, jealous people… let them look at Hanouna’s idiot.”, etc Something to comfort this workaholic much appreciated by the public who recently declared to the Parisian : I’m a little obsessed with control (…) Even in my private life, I need everything to be settled like clockwork”.And there, he has just settled his accounts…


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