The alien abduction movie that convinces you about the paranormal phenomenon


The film is very realistic about an abduction case based on the terrifying and popular paranormal phenomenon. Safety pin!

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The phenomenon of abductions It has been developing throughout the world for years and thousands of people report having been abducted from their homes by extraterrestrial entities with the intention of studying our species. Terrifying memories of cruel experiments often haunt those who say they have suffered this unpleasant experience that leaves an indelible mark on their lives.

A film echoed this paranormal phenomenon and portrayed it in such a real way that it even confused its viewers. We are talking about Contacts of the Fourth Type, starring the talented Jovovich mile in the role of the doctor Abigail Tyler who works on abduction cases and soon finds herself involved in such an experience.

The movie that convinced us of alien abductions


What is striking about the film is that during its duration it alternates fictitious sequences starring Jovovich and real life videos where Dr. Tyler appears “Affected” for the reality that he has to live: his abduction plus the disappearance of his daughter. All of this occurs in Nome, Alaska, a location that is of vital importance to ufologists due to the number of cases and sightings that occur there.

The truth is that Dr. Tyler is actually a fictional character and those shots where we can see the protagonist “real” of the story are starred by Charlotte Milchard. Not only that, with the intention of generating interest in this story, Universal created a series of news articles online “Manufactured” to generate interest in the alien abduction tape and the reports came from actual Alaskan newspapers.

A summary of the film? It shows how patients with sleeping difficulties receive visits from aliens whom they describe as “Owls”. These would speak in the ancient Sumerian language that relates to statues or rocket sphinxes and space helmets from thousands of years ago. On the other hand, the film shows how the government ignores the reports of disappearances, all with similar characteristics. Dr. Abbey treats these people until she has to suffer an alien abduction herself.

The story of Contacts of the Fourth Type made by Universal It went viral and many Internet users believed it to be true, even when the production company took down the false news with which it tried to popularize its film. This appears to be a case similar to that of War of the Worlds where many people were convinced by a fictional account of an alien invasion and acted accordingly. Apparently the human mind is predisposed to believe in these situations and one day a case involving aliens could well be confirmed as real. Afraid!

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