The alarm went off: Police rushed to Princess Madeleine’s luxury villa

Two police patrols rushed on the second day of Easter to Princess Madeleine’s stately home in Florida.

When the clock struck 18.53, the fire alarm went off in the more than 600 square meter house.

According to police documents, which Expressen is familiar with, it took 4 minutes and 44 seconds before the first patrol arrived at the large luxury villa outside the Miami area. And 47 seconds later came unit 211 and another police car.

However, officers and firefighters were able to quickly leave the luxurious Florida house, which features both pool and palm trees.

It turned out to be a kind of false alarm from a smoke alarm in one of the children’s bedrooms. And already the day after the fast-paced fire alarm drama, everything looked good in the home in Florida.

On Instagram, Madeleine posted a – perhaps a little late – Easter greeting, where she sits outside in a dress with Princess Leonore at eight and Princess Adrienne at five.

It was in August 2018 that it was announced that the Swedish princess and her family had planned to move to the United States.

Before they moved, they otherwise lived in London, but they chose to move to the princess’ husband’s childhood country.

“They’ve lived there before, and Chris also grew up in Florida. It is a good time for the family to move now that the children are of preschool age, “said the Swedish royal family’s information manager, Margaretha Thorgren, at the time.

In addition to their base in Florida, the couple also still has a house in Stockholm, Sweden.

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