‘The Adventures of Gulliver’ returns to the island of Lilliput in the DUBBED animation trailer; Watch!

A Image Films released the new dubbed trailer for the animation ‘Gulliver’s Adventures‘.

Check out:

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The animation will be released in national cinemas on February 3rd.

Ilya Maksimov (‘The Little Nose’) is in charge of the direction.

The traveler and adventurer Gulliver is invited to return to Lilliput, the city he saved from the enemy fleet of neighboring Blefuscu. When he arrives, he finds only outrage, panic, and a desperate crowd, as the King of Lilliput made his people believe that the legendary Giant Gulliver was returning. Instead, they discover a common man, as the entire town was preparing and building accommodations to welcome a giant. Disappointed, the King orders Gulliver’s execution.

Enjoy watching:

The production features the voices of Tyler Bunch, Wayne Grayson e Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld.

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