The adventure will begin in the OFFICIAL teaser and poster for the series based on ‘The Legend of the Lost Treasure’; Check out!

O Disney+ released the official poster and teaser for ‘National Treasure: Edge of History‘, series based on the franchise ‘The legend of the lost treasure‘.

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The production will feature the return of Harvey Keitel and Justin Barthawho will reprise their roles from the films as Peter Sadusky and Riley Poole, respectively.

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The Oscar Winner Catherine Zeta-Jones is also part of the cast as antagonist Billie, described as “a ruthless billionaire specializing in black market antiquities, as well as a bounty hunter who lives by her own rules. She has transformed herself from a miserable orphan to a stylish and adventurous businesswoman. Billie is used to getting what she wants – and she wants the Pan American treasure. But not just for the money, but for something much bigger.”

The rest of the team has Lyndon Smith (‘Parenthood’), Zuri Reed (‘Flatbush Misdemeanors’), Jake Austin Walker (’12 Mighty Orphans’), Antonio Cipriano (‘Jagged Little Pill’) and Jordan Rodrigues (‘Light as a Feather’).

Smith will play FBI agent Ross, an operative looking for redemption after a serious mistake nearly ended her career. Reed will play Tasha, a social media celebrity and tech genius, who is also very close to her friend Jess. Rodrigues will play Ethan, Jess’s best friend. Cyprian will play Oren, a classroom clown who knows a thing or two about conspiracy theories. And finally, Walker will play Liam, a musician who comes from a long line of treasure hunters.

The pilot episode will be directed by Mira Nair (‘Queen of Katwe’), from the screenplay by Marianne and Cormac Wibberley.

Originally released in 2004, ‘The legend of the lost treasure‘ (‘National Treasure’) tells the story of a hunter of lost riches (Nicolas Cage) searches for a treasure that no one believes exists, having been accumulated over centuries and transported across continents to prevent it from being stolen. His investigations lead him to discover the existence of a coded map hidden in the US Declaration of Independence.

The second film, ‘The Legend of the Lost Treasure: Book of Secrets‘ (National Treasure: Book of Secrets), was released three years later and grossed over $457 million of box office.

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