The adrenaline-pumping movie trending on Netflix right now


A story with Liam Neeson in pure action became the most watched on the streaming platform. This is why you should add it to your list!

The film with Liam Neeson in pure action that is all the rage on Netflix.
© IMDbThe film with Liam Neeson in pure action that is all the rage on Netflix.

the catalog of Netflix incorporates new series and movies every week. However, only few of them are developed purely. action, leaving aside comedy or great special effects. That is why when a classic feature film loaded with adrenalin, it doesn’t take long for it to find a position in the ranking of the 10 most viewed productions right now. Find out which tape has achieved it in the first week of 2023!

Is about relentless revengeoriginally titled as honest thief. Directed by mark williams With a script by Steve Allrich, the film had its premiere in 2020, at which time a large part of the theaters closed as part of the protocols to prevent the coronavirus. However, now it has reached streaming to become all the rage: while in Latin America it can be enjoyed through Netflixin Spain it is available in Prime Video. Review what this suspense and adventure fiction is about.

Relentless Revenge Synopsis:

Tom Carter has been a renowned and successful bank robber. Although his plans seemed perfect, from one moment to the next he makes a mistake: giving himself up. Although his decision comes as a measure to lead a more honest life, his intentions will ultimately be jeopardized when he is betrayed by two ruthless FBI agents. With millions of dollars at stake, he must respect his thoroughness and his own moral code.

Relentless Revenge Trailer:

Cast of Relentless Revenge:

Liam Neeson as Tom Dolan

Kate Walsh as Annie Wilkins

Jai Courtney as John Nivens

Jeffrey Donovan as Sean Meyers

Anthony Ramos as Ramon Hall

Robert Patrick as Samuel Baker

They complete the cast:

Jasmine Cephas Jones as Beth Hall

Devon Diep as Cute Nurse

Herlin Navarro as Hotel Housekeeper

Lewis D. Wheeler as ER Doctor

Patty O’Neil as Sharon Baker

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