The actress Julieta Vallina died at the age of 50: the farewell of the famous

The world of the Argentine show business is in mourning for the sudden and unexpected news of the death of the actress of 50 years, juliet valina, who died in the early hours of Tuesday following a terminal illness.

The Argentine Association of Actors was responsible for breaking the news with a sad statement: “With great pain we say goodbye to the actress, teacher and acting coach Julieta Vallina. She carried out an outstanding career in theater, TV, cinema and advertising. We embrace her family and loved ones in this moment of immense sadness“.

Interpreter of television strips such as “Botineras”, “Stolen lives”, “Compulsive times” or “Crazy for you“, until a few weeks ago Vallina could be seen on stage in “I hear it“, the play that he shared with Jorge Suarez Y Gabriel ‘Puma’ Goity.

Actress Julieta Vallina passed away at the age of 50.

Before the heartbreaking news, several celebrities fired her with emotional words on social networks. Florence Penawho screenshared in “the colt“He moved everyone with his sad farewell: “I have infinite sadness, my beloved Juli. Heartbroken for your early departure. Just yesterday we laughed and cried in that dressing room where we had the most beautiful talks and the most heartfelt hugs…”.

I loved you very much. Very much. It hurts my soul to know that we are no longer going to get on stage to do what we love most: act. Thank you for being, all beautiful, profoundly beautiful“, added.

And closed the driver “The Whore… Mistress”: “Fly high dear friend. As high as you can. I’m going to miss you so, so much… But I know you’re going to be close to all of us who love you very much. I love you forever. We will see us again”.

The sad farewell of Florencia Peña to Julieta Vallina.

The sad farewell of Florencia Peña to Julieta Vallina.

For his part, the director of “SEX“, Jose Maria Muscari He moved everyone on Twitter with his message after the death of the actress: “Bye my dear JULIETA VALLINA. Beautiful person, great actress, goddess of talent. We were happy together and that is how I will remember you, with your talent and your intensity. Your gift of good people and your sensitive laugh. I will continue to love you always. My life hurts RIP“.


Viviana Saccone He also said goodbye to the actress on Twitter: ”
I just read the sad news #julietavallina Talented, beautiful, nice, funny, good companion and immense actress. Hug her daughter, all her family and friends“.


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