The actress and humorist Inès Reg attacks Emmanuel Macron again in a series of stories on Instagram

The video had caused a lot of talk. A few days ago, Inès Reg, while she was performing in front of thousands of spectators, decided to cut the show to speak and speak directly to the President of the Republic in a video posted on social networks. The comedian and actress being filmed, with the audience and the audience in the background, to say what she had on her mind and give her opinion on the new restrictions announced by the government. In particular the gauges, again introduced for shows, football matches, or even concerts.
This accompanying her sequence with a text saying a lot about what she thought of how to manage the pandemic and the fact of sanctioning artists, but also to point the finger at the fact that the measures did not concern meetings policies: “After much thought, it is quite normal that you have authorized the meetings, in the middle of an election year it is even a duty because everyone must have the right to express themselves”, she began before adding: “On the other hand, the restrictions do not apply to shows and fairs, that I did not understand. Public transport where people are on top of each other that I did not understand. Department stores I didn’t understand that either. To enter the hall, spectators must be vaccinated or provided with a test and remain masked and seated – so why these restrictions, these maximum gauges? “, she regretted in part.
And it seems that Inès Reg still has not digested the fact that most of her show dates will have to be postponed again or even canceled. Proof of this is with the series of stories she posted on her Instagram account. Stories in which she made known in particular: “Have fun with the people you love this weekend. Don’t even take the time to piss people off, just piss them off. Or piss them off with humor and love”, she wrote, alluding to the already infamous “I want to piss them off”, Emmanuel Macron in the columns of the Parisian by addressing the unvaccinated.

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