The actor of The Squid Game who would come to Marvel


The actor from Netflix’s 2021 hit, The Squid Game, would be ready to come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to revolutionize the brand.

The Squid Game
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The Squid Game It was the sensation series Netflix in 2021 that tells the story of a series of children’s games where more than 400 people participate and in each of the competitions lives are lost at the same time that the millionaire prize of the challenge is swelling until it reaches epic proportions. The winner was, surprisingly, Seong Gi-hun, a horse racing addict who has to support his daughter and was played by Lee Jung-jae.

Justly Lee Jung-jaethe actor who led the cast of the popular series The Squid Gameis in negotiations with Marvel to join his multiverse of heroes and villains to revolutionize the brand with an arrival that will surely shock the followers of the company headed by master strategist Kevin Feige who knew how to place the MCU as the main Hollywood franchise.

Who Lee Jung-jae? He was born on December 15, 1972 in Seoul and is considered one of the great actors in South Korea. He received many awards such as the Screen Actor’s Guild Award, Independent Spirit Awards, Critic’s Choice Television Awards and other awards that include recognition of different works in his professional career, although the most outstanding, obviously, is The Squid Game.

+ A talent that would come to Marvel


the insider @DanielRPK was the one that launched the news that was later confirmed by different portals that are attentive to everything that happens with the news of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the different alternatives that are emerging in that multiverse of heroes and villains separated into Phases, which is currently being presented in the cinema Thor: Love and Thunder and just finished by Disney+ the tv series Ms Marvel.

The truth is Lee Jung-jae would not be the first important oriental character within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That distinction remained Simu Liu with the premiere of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings who knew how to approach oriental society with a complete cast of Asian characters to reach a total of 91% acceptance by experts in Rotten Tomatoes and be a box office hit for Kevin Feige.

That experience of Marvel may well be a driver for hiring Lee Jung-jae who is a star with an important own name in Korean lands and will mean an outstanding element to take into account for the penetration of other markets by the brand that day by day demonstrates its fervent commitment to diversity, something that Kevin Feige always takes advantage of to remark.

We still do not know what the project will be for which the protagonist of The Squid Gamebut we are sure that the followers of the series of Netflixadded to the Asian audiences and all lovers of good acting will be attentive to any news regarding the participation of this actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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