The actor and the soap opera with the Ximena Duque wants to return to television

Since 2017 that Ximena Duke she does not step on a recording set, not at least as an acting professional. the nature of Cali She is away from the flashes of blockbusters and focused on her prolific career as a businesswoman, in addition to dedicating herself to her beautiful and large family, the one she formed with Jay Adkins precisely 5 years ago, and with whom he has three children. However, the possibility of returning to acting is not something that she rules out, and she has even already said how she would like to return to melodramas.

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The actress who starred in soap operas such as “Pecados Ajenos” (2007-08), “Elcara de Analía” (2008-09) and “Corazón Brave”, to mention just some of the productions in which she has participated, recently stated that She has all the predisposition in the world to make a relative stop to her activity as a businesswoman in the field of aesthetics. Or in any case, try to reconcile her time for both professions.

And it is that Ximena Duque, selling hair care and skin care products, has achieved the financial independence she was looking for to dedicate her time to other important matters in her life, such as the upbringing and well-being of her three children: Cristian, Luna and Skye.

“It is never too late to take action. Here I will show you exactly how I did it and how I still do it. In almost two years I have generated almost three million dollars in profits. I am not telling you this to give it to me, I am telling you because here you can generate the money you want”Duque detailed in 2021 in a post on his Instagram account.

In her role as a cosmetics businesswoman (Photo: Ximena Duque / Instagram)


With financial solvency and more time to enjoy her family, Cali’s Ximena Duque wishes to continue fulfilling her personal goals; and one of them is to enjoy acting again. She thus made it clear in a recent live on Instagram, in which she was accompanied by her compatriot and colleague, the actor Fabián Rios, and the melodrama writer, Marcela Citterio.

In the broadcast, which took place last Thursday, May 12, Duque and the two companions with whom he worked on the novel “Corazón brave” (2012) expressed their desire to resume the telenovela. Ximena even had words of praise for Fabián and Marcela, of whom she highlighted her talent and professionalism.

“When they ask me if I am going to return to television, I always say (that) if it is a character and a project that really moves me and that for me deserves to leave my house, I make it happy; and I have always said (that) returning to the screen hand in hand with you two (Fabián and Marcela), co-starring with Fabián Ríos, would be a dream; not only for me, but for many people”expressed the 37-year-old artist.


Immediately, Fabián Ríos and Marcela Citerrio, who was the writer of “Brave Heart”, seconded his wish. The Colombian actor also expressed his faith that God allows this project to come out, because for now “Corazón brave” 2 is just a wish, but with several well-directed wills it can quickly take shape.

“I assure you that we are going to do a second part, I don’t know how, but I assure you that we are going to do it. There is a very powerful thing in the world and that is that when God speaks, it is absolute power and the people are the voice of God and here the people are speaking”stated Ríos, who also believes that it is convenient that this second installment brings new characters with new stories.

“This is not a coincidence, this is a causality and we are meeting practically the next doers of the new season of making people happy. It’s not about Sammy and Willy (referring to the characters they played in “Braveheart”), it’s about bringing in new characters who may be waiting for a good story right now, and this is a good story where we can work. as a team and move it forward”added the actor who has been working on the new version of “Until silver separates us”.

Ximena Duque and Fabián Ríos in "Brave Heart" (Photo: Telemundo)
Ximena Duque and Fabián Ríos in “Brave Heart” (Photo: Telemundo)

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