The actor and broadcaster Daniel Guerrero passed away

On the morning of Saturday, January 15, he passed away. daniel warrior, actor and broadcaster with extensive international experience in TV, film, theater, advertising and radio.

The news was published by the Argentine Association of Actors on their social networks where they say goodbye with great sadness. “We accompany their daughters Daniela and Eleonora, relatives and loved ones in pain, expressing our heartfelt condolences”, reads the published text.

the communicator He contracted Coronavirus and his condition was complicated by a COPD that he suffered from years ago.

According to information published by the entity, Guerrero graduated from ISER in 1968, and began working as an announcer on radio stations El Mundo, Splendid, Belgrano, Rivadavia, FM Palermo, among others.

But he also quickly made his foray as an actor, with work on television in programs such as “Your world and mine”, “Forever friends”, “High comedy”, “Rosse”, “Pablo in our skin”, “The theater of Darío Víttori”, “I want to shout your name”, “Face to face”, “This can be your story”, “Marriages and something else”.

In addition, he was the host of entertainment and news cycles such as “Good afternoon, great pleasure”, “Continuous Saturdays”, “Musical Saturdays”, “Matinee”, “Nuevediario”, “Hollywood in Spanish”, “Teleonce informs”.

In theater he showed off in works such as “Aplausos”, “El andador”, “Mateo”, “It is more beautiful with love”, “Una Zulma y dos Adanes”, “Some legs with history”, “Marriage dinner”, ” Starfish”, “When Adam lost the leaf”, “An Italian night”, “Boyfriend for ten days”, “You are not Greta Garbo”, “My widower has a husband”, among others.

And he made it to the big screen, working in films like “The joker”, “Ninja bomb squad”, “The flower of the mafia”, “An elephant colored illusion”, “Micaela, a magical movie”.

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