The actor and artist Ilian Yordanov: Todor Zhivkov did not like Partsalev

19 November 2022, 12:00

There were many informers of the DS around him, addicted colleagues were melting him in front of Dad, but he did not pay attention, reveals the friend of the great comedian

“Todor Zhivkov did not like Georgi Partsalev. Some of his colleagues were to blame for this, who did not fail to put themselves first and make mud of Georgi. Because the audience liked him more, and they did not like it and they could not swallowed. Todor Zhivkov himself succumbed to such suggestions, because he saw that people loved Partsalev, were happy for him, appreciated him as an actor, and at the same time, Tato himself was not one of the most popular in our country. That is why this antipathy arose. However, Partsalev didn’t particularly care who liked him and who didn’t. Even if it was Zhivkov himself. He continued to play and have fun.”

Partsalev was rightly called

Partsalev was rightly called “universal favorite”

This claims before “Bulgaria Today” one of the closest friends of the great comedian Ilian Yordanov. The 57-year-old actor and artist was a neighbor of the Laughing Man in their hometown of Levski.
“There were many informers of the DS in Partsalev’s circle. His mother, Aunt Vesca, recognized them immediately. They pretended to be his faithful comrades, but in fact they wrote reports about him. I personally know one of these people. I have suffered from him for nearly 30 years . He wrote not only against Partsalev, but I read his denunciation also against my friend, who later became my wife. I will not say his name. He is not from Sofia, but he is a long-time cultural activist in Levski,” Yordanov added. “I told him that I knew about these denunciations, and it became very unpleasant for him, because shortly before his retirement, he and his wife were fired from the community center for abuse,” the “free artist” revealed.

Ilian Yordanov is a fan not only of the Laughing Man, but also of Goran Bregovic

Ilian Yordanov is a fan not only of the Laughing Man, but also of Goran Bregovic

The friend of the universal favorite is adamant that Partsalev was never brought as a participant in a trial against gay people in the late 1960s of the last century, as an urban legend from the time of the Soviet Union said.
“There was no such thing. I am sure because, albeit on another occasion, I was allowed to read archives. These are just stories, because anyway the DS was not able to put a crotch on him”, Ilian Yordanov is convinced.For the first time, he revealed to the Bulgarian media what the truth is about Georgi Partsalev’s ultimately failed marriage with a rich Bulgarian woman living in the West. According to another rumor from those years, Todor Zhivkov himself insisted that the colossus of Bulgarian comedy should finally go home.
“There was such a woman. Her name was Galya. She lived in Paris. She sent perfumes, gifts… She had previously been married and had a son. And he assumed somewhere that his mother would become Parzalev and they would inherit his wealth. Parzalev was not tight-lipped, on the contrary, everyone knew that she was terribly large, but she didn’t like people who made such thin calculations. And so he slowly cooled her intentions and desires. She wanted to have or adopt a child, but they never gave it to her “, reveals the artist actor.
He also says that Partsalev’s usual reaction to these false friends was: “Well, let them go their way!”, and waved his hand.
Ilian Yordanov is the only person who managed to make Partsalev cry. The incident dates back to 1985, when at a celebration in the city of Levski Yordanov presented his legendary fellow citizen with a portrait of his father.“Then he was very moved. I saw tears in his eyes. At that time, his father, Bai Ivan, had already died,” recalls the actor-artist.
“Partsalev has helped many people, but most of them are silent now. For me, these are little people. He also lent a hand to Anton Radichev, who has been hiding this fact for a long time,” says Georgi Partsalev’s friend.

Anton Radichev

Anton Radichev





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