The account of how a reporter’s report became an internet catchy song

Pat Collins is a well-known veteran reporter for NBC Washington, who has won the sympathy of thousands of viewers on USA for its particular style. On November 16, the journalist disclosed, in a report, the case of a woman who was a victim of the wrong identity and suffered material damage to her vehicle.

According to Collins in her report, Nedra Brantley, a veteran and resident of Northeast Washington, DC, woke up one day to find that her car windows were broken and with a spray-painted message: “Mike is a cheater.”

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Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. Do you see what you have done?”Says Pat Collins in his report, as he clasps his hands and pauses. “I do not know who you are. I don’t know where you are, but you might want to start changing your ways … or change your name”He adds.

The owner of the car, for her part, claimed that she never dated someone named Mike and that she does not even know someone with that name in her own environment. The story caught the attention of viewers, intrigued by the confusion of the person behind the attack and everything behind with Mike.

Report turned into song went viral on the networks

The Gregory Brothers, an American musical quartet that specializes in comedy music and mixing, turned the report into a catchy song. “Play this at the club until Mike hears it “, posted on his Twitter account.

It is not the first time Pat Collins goes viral. In 2013, the veteran reporter disguised himself as a bunch of grapes in clear support of a student who had been suspended for dressing up as a banana and running across the field during a soccer game.

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