The 7 Ugliest Fairy-Type Pokémon Ever

With more than 900 little monsters introduced over the generations of Pokémon games, we’ve seen the most diverse creatures, as new types have been added to the franchise.

While many still show love (or nostalgia) for the original 150/151, the new additions have captured the hearts of countless fans. That said, there are still those who are purely hideous in appearance.

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That said, the ScreenRant put together a list of the ugliest fairy-type Pokémon of all, and in fact, there are some truly dark ones.

Check it out below.


Like many other Pokémon before Generation VI, Granbull and its pre-evolution, Snubull, were pure Normal-types. Fairy’s arrival changed things, improving them competitively and giving them an edge.

However, the Fairy type didn’t make Granbull any cuter. This dog-like creature is still just as ugly as when it debuted in Generation II.


Thanks to the always-welcome Ghost-type, Mimikyu is one of the best dual-type Fairy Pokémon.

His lore is also fascinating, with him acting meek and shy and hiding his true form – said to be capable of causing illness and death to anyone who looks at him. He hides under a Pikachu costume to make friends, but his disguise makes him look scarier.

Mr. mime

At the beginning, Mr. Mime was a pure Psychic type before receiving the Fairy secondary type in Generation VI. The curious-looking Pokémon became somewhat popular because of its role in the anime, where it acted as a sidekick and loyal companion to Delia Ketchum.

Humanoid Pokémon are never a hit with fans, so Mr. Mime already had that working against him.

However, his confused expression and overly skinny limbs make it even scarier. The Detective Pikachu movie also considerably damaged the mimic’s image, portraying him with a face that looked overly human.

Galarian Weezing

Weezing was one of Team Rocket’s most powerful Pokémon and an icon of Generation I. The underrated Poison-type returned to prominence in Generation VIII after receiving a regional variant that gave it the secondary Fairy-type, making it one of the most unexpected threats in the world. story.

Unfortunately, despite being given the Fairy type, Weezing remained as ugly as ever. The mustache and top hat-like chimneys make him quirky, but they don’t make him handsome.


Dark and Fada is an inspired combination, and while it took three generations to arrive, it was worth the wait. Grimmsnarl is a great Pokémon on the battlefield, with strong stats, two immunities, and two resistances thanks to its types. Also, his Gigantamax ability makes him even more valuable.

Because of its Dark typing, Grimmsnarl is also extremely ugly. Built like a bodybuilder with a face that looks like something out of a gothic fairy tale, this goblin-like creature will scare any trainer in a dark forest.


Aromatisse is one of the first Fairy Pokémon introduced after the type’s arrival in Generation VI.

He is inspired by the plague doctors, explaining his beak and mask-like face. While not exactly humanoid, Aromatisse is a bizarre mix of an animal-like creature with distinctly human features, resulting in a strange Pokémon that isn’t exactly pleasing to the eye.


Enamorus arrived in Generation VIII. Humanoid Pokémon were already immensely unpopular with fans, and Enamorus didn’t improve on that.

As a Legendary Pokémon, Enamorus has strong stats and decent hits, making it worth the trainer’s time.

However, Enamorus is possibly the ugliest fairy-type and a strong contender for the franchise’s ugliest Pokémon. His overly gangly frame makes him look awkward, and his perpetually annoyed expression makes matters worse.

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