The 6 best New Year’s Eve films: With these highlights you will usher in the year 2022

Regardless of whether you want to end the year on a festive note or just want to forget it. Our six New Year’s Eve films will get you in the mood.

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There is probably no public holiday on which the film industry has not yet made use of. Anyone who is through with the best Christmas films and has reached the end of the festive season might want to prepare for the turn of the year. We have therefore selected six New Year’s Eve films for you to start with 2022.

  • „Dinner for One“ must of course not be missing on New Year’s Eve 2021. Like every year, poor butler James has to serve for all of Miss Sophie’s deceased friends and drink every sherry that is toasted with himself. You can read here where you can see the New Year’s Eve classic.
  • „Happy New Year“ tells of over eight different stories that all take place on New Year’s Eve and are connected in some way. In the style of Richard Curtis’ “Indeed… Love”, a holiday was used here to tell a story about family, partnership and friends with the help of a star ensemble. Buy “Happy New Year” in the stream or as a DVD on Amazon.
  • “Harry and Sally” is not a classic New Year’s Eve film, but anyone who knows the cult romance knows that an essential scene takes place on New Year’s Eve. By chance, Harry and Sally get to know each other and become friends, although, according to Harry, people of different sexes cannot maintain friendships. He seems to be right, because soon more will develop between the two. Buy or rent “Harry and Sally” in the stream on Amazon or stream it for free with the MGM Channel.

New Year New luck. What works in the films in our video may also work in real life:

The big streaming comparison

  • “The great love of my life” tells the story of Nickie (Cary Grant) and Terry (Deborah Kerr). The two get to know and love each other on a luxury steamer. However, each of them is in a relationship. To put their love to the test, they agree to meet at the Empire State Building in six months. If you want to introduce the new year with a little romance, you should take a look at the cult classic. Watch “The Great Love of My Life” in the stream or buy it as a DVD on Amazon.
  • „A Long Way Down“: On New Year’s Eve, four completely different people meet on the roof of a building. Everyone wanted to kill themselves that evening, instead they decide to give themselves another six weeks. Together they want to get their lives back on track, if they fail they will kill each other on Valentine’s Day. When the news hears of their strange pact, the small group becomes a media sensation. “A Long Way Down” is available to buy as a stream or as a DVD on Amazon.
  • “The Great Gatsby”: Party and fireworks don’t have to be canceled this year. Thanks to Baz Luhrman’s film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s cult classic even without hangovers and pollution. Strictly speaking, it’s not a real New Year’s Eve film, but you can still usher in the New Year with it. Buy “The Great Gatsby” in the stream or as a DVD on Amazon.
  • That TV Program for New Years Eve and New Years you will find here soon

Do you recognize these films even twenty years later:

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