The 5-second TikTok reviews that fuel a love of reading with fun

Booktok se ha turned trend on Tiktok Why? For being the corner of this red social where one can know and learn from literature and because, even if you don’t believe it, there are users dedicated to disseminating this type of content, for example, making reviews of books in 5 seconds and influencing world sales in this area.

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In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic This section of the Chinese platform has achieved the enviable sum of 26 billion views, where people talk, discuss the books they are reading or have read.

Literary tiktokers

One of the best known names, today, of Booktok it is Cait Jacobs, from New York, USA, who joined in December 2019 sharing content for just 100 followers. Today in November 2021, has more than 24 thousand and their videos have views ranging from 1,000 to 1 million.

To The Guardian he commented: “I really thought, when I started, that no one would watch my videos (…) I’m an introvert, I have social anxiety going to a grocery store. So connecting with so many readers was a shock ”, besides highlighting that Tiktok lets get to a “Audience that are not only readers”.

The way to create literary content for Booktok

This is largely due to the fact that the algorithm of Tiktok that works in very mysterious ways, in which a common user is exposed to very varied content, not like, for example, Facebook or Instagram, where you have to do a very specific search.

The videos in Booktok, on the other hand, they follow a format that, on many occasions, is destined to become viral on this platform, to the point that this content, for example, can be mixed around a song or fashion challenge.


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♬ Pink Soldiers – 23

There are many ingenious ways to do content about literature in this corner of the social network. One of them that the creator shares the plot of a book presenting it as if it were a real or personal story.

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Another known name is Elizabeth Cayoutte, was one of the first to do the above: “Someone died at the school costume party. My friends and I take parenting very seriously, and although we have our secrets, our secrets, I assure you, it was an accident. So why doesn’t anyone believe me? “

All this mystery is to get to the cover of the book, in this case, “Big Little Lies”, a novel of Australian origin published in 2015.

Back to Jacobs, states that young adult literary content is quite popular: ‘Six of Crows’ it always makes me speak it (…) I think it’s the mix of a rich fantasy world and a diverse set of characters “.

Booktok and its impact on the literature market

Although fashion genres are a trend, something that is always current are the classics: “Booktok is a place where everyone feels comfortable (…) Because everyone is eager to share their readings and delve into what they want from their plots, characters and worlds. And all it takes is a short video ”, says Jacobs.

This statement is condensed with the success that is the hashtag Booktok, which, as we mentioned earlier, has brought together little more than 26 billion views, to the point that a literary review of just 5 seconds can have an economic impact on the sales of a book worldwide.

The success of this corner of Tiktok It has become overcrowded to the point that, recognized bookstores in the United States as Barnes & Noble they have a category called “Popular books discovered in Booktok on your web portal.

“It is surreal. It’s special because they have a very wide reach and audience around the world, but it’s just one community that loves to read and talk about it. It is something that I would never have imagined could happen “, sentence Jacobs.

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