The 5 most watched Netflix series in the last week (June 13 to 19, 2022)


Week 24 has come to an end for Netflix and here we bring you the Top 5 series most chosen by users these days. Review the list!

The 5 most viewed series on Netflix in the last week (June 13 to 19, 2022).
© NetflixThe 5 most viewed series on Netflix in the last week (June 13 to 19, 2022).

the streaming service Netflix went through the middle of the sixth month of the year, which seems to be one of the best, since the impact of Stranger Things 4volume 1 and new successes were added such as the final season of Peaky Blinders. In this sense, a new level of reproductions is expected in the following week with the arrival of the new installment of The Umbrella Academy. Meanwhile, more interesting titles arrived on the platform that were received in a great way by subscribers and here we bring them to you in detail. Check out the Top 5 according to FlixPatrol!

+The 5 most watched series on Netflix in the last week

5- Be docile: prayer and obedience

The Top of Shows begins with this production directed by Rachel Dretzin and Grace McNally, which received great reviews and a more than positive approval from viewers. This is a docuseries that examines the rise of Warren Jeffs in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and his shocking criminal case.

4- Intimacy

Spain is a country that has become accustomed to being part of the main rankings, since its programs tend to capture the attention of the audience around the world. In this case, they did it with a fiction starring Itziar Ituño, which revolves around a rising politician who is threatened when a sexual video is leaked to the press, leading to questions about the limits of privacy.

3- The first death

Before its release, it was positioned as one of the most anticipated productions of June, as it is the month of LGBTQ+ pride. Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis star in this fantasy story about a somewhat complicated teenage crush for Juliette and Calliope, as one is a vampire and the other is a slayer, so both are poised to make their first kill.

2- Peaky Blinders

The program of the most beloved gangsters on television has come to an end this year, so users have set their sights on the last chapters and kept it within their favorite content. However, fans should know that the story that began in 1919 in Birmingham, with the gang led by Tommy Shelby, will not end, as they will soon begin work on a film.

1- Stranger Things

It was three years of waiting for the new episodes of volume 1 of season 4 and for the third week in a row the production created by the Duffer brothers became the most watched on Netflix in the last week. A new supernatural threat terrifies the town of Hawkins and the teenagers come together again to fight the villain, but the outcome will be known on July 1 with the final two chapters.

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