The 5 most emotional moments of Friends


The series created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman debuted on television almost three decades ago and marked sitcoms forever. In 2021, HBO Max released a special dedicated to her.

The series concluded in 2004.
© IMDbThe series concluded in 2004.

Among the most important sitcoms in history, where productions such as office, How I met your mother either Married with kids, there are two productions that usually dispute the title for being the most beloved. Is about Seinfeld Y friendswhich marked an entire generation between the end of the 80s and the early 2000s. Of the two, the one that was characterized by having the most emotional moments was the one that created David Crane and Marta Kauffmanwhich last year had a meeting held by hbo max with all the original cast.

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5 – When Monica and Chandler can adopt

After realizing that they couldn’t be parents biologically, Monica and Chandler they begin the tour to see how they can adopt. So they intersect Erica, a young woman who became pregnant but cannot take care of her children. After seeing all the legal journey and the twists and turns with the character played by anna fariswe see them enter the room and take in their arms for the first time Erica and Jack.

4 – When Ross says Rachel’s name at his wedding to Emily

three times married ross geller throughout the entire series. Three times were the ones that she also got divorced, but one of them was the one that made everyone present cry and cry: when she got the wrong name at the altar, marrying Emily in London. From then on, the journey of the character began who crossed his path again with that of Rachellittle by little, as all the fans of the series wanted.

3 – Phoebe and Mike’s wedding

For many, mike hannigan should be considered the seventh friend of the group. After various characters who came and went between the departments of Chandler and Joey, Monica and Rachel, Phoebe and Rossappeared the one interpreted by Paul Rudd. At first somewhat reluctant to want to get married, he ended up convinced that giving himself completely to Phoebe It included fulfilling her dream of getting married. Seeing them say yes on that totally snowy set was an unforgettable highlight of the series.

2 – Monica’s proposal to Chandler

The couple that was born by accident and ended up proving to be the best of the entire series. When the fans of friends they saw Monica and Chandler having a casual meeting in London, the desire to see them grow as a couple did not take long to increase. After some minor hiccups, it was time for the bumpy marriage proposal. Fortunately, Joey he was the one who knew and understood them best, and he was the one who managed to bring a Chandler on the verge of collapse straight to the surprise of monica. Sparkly.

1 – “I got off the plane”

Although today this outcome of friends has been somewhat questioned by those who did not share the decision of Rachel Green getting off the plane and not following her dreams in France, that moment when we heard the interrupted answering machine message and saw her desperation Ross could only be overcome in one way: the appearance of Rachel at the door. The “I got off the plane” continues to resonate in the heads of fans of the series.

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