The 5 “House of the Dragon” Characters Who Will Sit on the Iron Throne

The Iron Throne (Iron Throne in Spanish) is more than a seat in House of the Dragon”, because it carries a symbolism about the ability of a king to maintain his position. In the first season of the series HBO Maxthe wounds that the swords made to Viserys Targaryen ended in his death. In the next installments, various characters will sit on cast iron and must prove that they are worthy.

The Iron Throne was created by Aegon the Conqueror with the thousands of swords of enemies that he defeated during the taking of the kingdoms of Westeros.

In “Game of Thrones”, the seat looks a lot less intimidating with Robert Baratheon and his “offspring” being in power. For “House of the dragon”, production tried recreate it closer to how it is illustrated in the books by George R. R. Martin.

Throughout the history of the Targaryen dynasty, the throne has been a reason for superstition (or omen) of the ability of the king who will sit on it. It was said that he would even reject the unworthy, causing multiple cuts on his body or even killing him.

That was the case for maegor targaryensone of the most tyrannical kings of the Valyrian family. Although he had already developed various enemies in Westeros, it is said that what ended up killing him was the Iron Throne itself. In the book “Fire and Blood”it is reported that he was found dead with the swords passing through his body. WARNING, SPOILERS ALERT.


5. Aegon II Targaryens

Of course, the first to occupy the seat is Aegon II Targaryens. As we could see in the episode 9 from “House of the Dragon” the Greens they usurped the Iron Throne and took advantage of the absence of Rhaenyra Targaryen (who was living on Dragonstone) to do so in a legitimate way.

Aegon has the advantage of having possession of the Red Keep, the crown of the conqueror and sit on the throne. However, his sense of security will soon wear off when sustain serious injuries after a battle with Rhaenys Targaryen. From that moment on, his state of health is delicate, so he stays in bed, unable to sit on the throne.

Aegon II Targaryen at his coronation in episode 9 of “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

4. Aemond Targaryen

Due to the injuries suffered by his brother, Aemond Targaryen is designated as the Protector of the Realm, fulfilling the functions of king in his place. As we saw in episode 9 of “House of the Dragon” the second son of Viserys always felt more deserving of the positiondue to the activities and personality of Aegon II Targaryen.

Although he never has the title of king, was made Prince Regentfor he still respected his brother’s authority. Also, sat on the Iron Throne and used the conqueror’s crown during this period.

However, this comes to an end when decides to fly to Harrenhal to face Daemon Targaryen, but finds the place empty. She decides to stay there, by Alys Rivers’ side, and then has some kind of hide-and-seek game with her uncle. Aemond never returns to the Red Keep to sit on the throne again..

Aemond Targaryen achieved the alliance with Borros Baratheon by offering to marry one of his daughters in episode 10 of "House of the Dragon" (Photo: HBO)
Aemond Targaryen got the alliance with Borros Baratheon by offering to marry one of his daughters in episode 10 of “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

3. Rhaenyra Targaryens

After Aemond Targaryen left with his dragon, vhagarand the army of the Greens, King’s Landing left unprotected. The Black side took advantage of this opportunity to take the city and the castle.

Rhaenyra Targaryen lands with her remaining children once the entire perimeter is secured. Nevertheless, the time of the queen’s government was short, no more than six months. According to “Fire and Blood”, every time Rhaenyra sat on the Iron Throne, received multiple cuts on the bodybut she endured the pain, well she was not going to accept that the seat was rejecting her.

The coronation of Rhaenyra Targaryen in the season finale of "House of the Dragon" (Photo: HBO)
The coronation of Rhaenyra Targaryen in the season finale of “House of the Dragon” (Photo: HBO)

2. Aegon III Targaryen

In a war, there are no winners and the Dragon Dance is no exception. At the end of this period, both sides suffered irrecoverable losses. Both Rhaenyra and Aegon II Targaryen were killed and the only ones of their lines left alive were Aegon III and Jaehaera Targaryens.

For this reason, the young people were committed and Rhaenyra’s son was made king of Westeros, although he did not fulfill these functions until he was old enough. We don’t know if “House of the Dragon” will ever show the events after his coronation, so technically, will be the last to sit on the throne within the series.

In episode 8 of "House of the Dragon", Rhaenyra Targaryen introduces her sons, Aegon III Targaryen and Viserys II Targaryen to her father (Photo: HBO)
In episode 8 of “House of the Dragon”, Rhaenyra Targaryen introduces her sons, Aegon III Targaryen and Viserys II Targaryen to her father (Photo: HBO)

1. Viserys II Targaryens

In case “House of the Dragon” decides dig a little deeper into post-war historythe arc of Viserys II Targaryens It will be one of the most interesting. In “Fire and Blood”, after the war, it is discovered that Rhaenyra Targaryen’s youngest son was not killed in the battle of the Gullet, but instead was kidnapped and taken to Lys. There, he was sold to House Rogare, a family that owned a bank even more powerful than the one in Braavos.

When Aegon III Targaryen found out that his brother, whom he had abandoned on the ship when they were children. Automatically, he agreed to pay the ransom and Viserys was brought back. Since then, he became the only person he trusted and named him the Hand of the King.

After Aegon’s two sons (Daeron and Baelor) died shortly after becoming kings, Viserys II Targaryen was crowned, though he only sat on the Iron Throne for a year.


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