The 3 movies to cry if you like dogs


You are an animal lover and you are sensitive to stories centered on dogs. We tell you about three Hollywood productions that will make you shed uncontrollable tears.

Dog movies make children and adults cry.
© IMDbDog movies make children and adults cry.

The cinema, since its inception, has been characterized by mobilizing audiences and generating all kinds of emotions. Laughter, tears, fear, all the sensations are part of the movies that Hollywood released on the big screen. Not to mention the smaller productions and independent cinema, which without the need to rely on great effects or have abundant resources managed to transmit so much.

When it comes to emotions, stories with animals are usually very accurate when it comes to causing some kind of impact. Who did not cry with the death of Artax in The endless story? Who did not regret the sacrifice of drake in Dragon heart? But, of course, when we have to talk about animals, it is the dogs that make us go through the worst and cry profusely. Next, we will tell you which are the three films that will break your heart and are starring dogs.

+ Dog movies to cry

3 – Super Star Buddy

The movie with which sports dogs were born was released in 1997 and was inspired by real events. Kevin DiCicco He found a lost dog and established a great relationship with him, in addition to teaching him how to play basketball. That story was made into a movie and gave us one of the most terrifying moments on the big screen: the sequence in which the protagonist of the story decides to leave buddy on an island, because he believed that it was the only way that his true owner, the violent clown played by Michael Jeter couldn’t find it. Luckily, the film had a happy ending and, incidentally, served to create a franchise.

2 – Always by your side

Richard Gere and Joan Allen star in this story based on true events about a dog that became the symbol of Shibuya station in Japan. Every morning, Hashiko accompanied his owner to take the train and waited for him when he returned from work. Until one day, a cardiac arrest killed his owner and he dedicated himself to waiting for him there, at the door of the station, where he spent the rest of his lives. Impossible to remember it without making our eyes glaze over.

1 – Marley and me

The cycle of life, of course. Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, this movie shows us all the events we go through when we choose to adopt a dog. From the time he is a puppy until he has to go through his last days, this Labrador retriever became an icon of animal films, to which all those who cannot bear to see dogs die on screen flee.

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