The 3 funniest moments of División Palermo


The series created and starring Santiago Korovsky was a pleasant surprise from this year’s Netflix catalog.

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In mid-February, Netflix premiered one of the best comedy series in its catalogue: Palermo Division. Created by Santiago Korovskyis centered on the already extinct Urban Guarda force that was created to assist the police of the City of Buenos Aires and that helped in minor tasks with civilians.

Full of funny moments and with a humor that constantly plays with the limits of political correctness, Palermo Division it was a pleasant surprise the red N to the point that everyone is asking for a second season. While we wait for your confirmation, we remind you of the three funniest moments left by the first installment.

+Top 3 funny moments in Palermo Division

3 – The anecdote of Johnny entering incognito

In one of the episodes, Philip You need to get a piece of paper with data from the distributors of a warehouse but they don’t give it to you. That’s why, Johnny he infiltrates the warehouse and talks to an employee who is dissatisfied with his salary and who, far from wanting to confront him, gives him what he asks for. Of course, when you remember it, Johnny add some detail to it Mission Impossible.

2 – Presentation with the imaginary ball

It is one of the initial moments of Palermo Division and makes it very clear what the tone of the entire series will be. michael rossi he wants everyone to get to know each other and that’s why he creates a softening dynamic, as if it were a theater class, where they pass an imaginary ball and introduce themselves. Good humour.

1 – Duo in the police car

Martin Garabal and Charo Lopez They had some of the best moments of Palermo Division. But if we talk about the first of the two, we must refer to the chapter that Esteban share the patrol car with Philip. All the way they do, until they sing “You do me so much good” from Dangerous Liaisons It’s di-ver-ti-say-si-mo.

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