The 3 best HBO Max movies so far

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HBO Max has become one of the biggest streaming companies thanks to its excellent content. But what are the best movies on the platform? Meet them.

HBO Max has 3 great movies
© IMDBHBO Max has 3 great movies

As time goes by hbo max It has managed to position itself in the industry as one of the streaming platforms most chosen by users. Although it has not yet surpassed on-demand services such as Prime Video either Netflix, did find its place and its loyal viewers. Well, millions of people continue to have it as their favorite ally when it comes to enjoying a good movie or series.

Nevertheless, the HBO Max catalog it is so immense and varied that, on more than one occasion, the spectators do not know what to choose. That’s why, from spoilers, we have the best recommendations to make your search easier. Well, the truth is that in the entire library of the platform there are three films that have become the best so far. Do not miss it!

+ The 3 best HBO Max movies so far:

3. The Fallout: Life After:

This film is not original to the platform, but it did arrive on it in January 2022. Starring Jenna Ortega, Maddie Ziegler and Shailene Woodley the film, which has been available for months now hbo max, is among the highlights of the platform and does not stop growing. Well, its captivating and exciting plot has made it one of the favorites of the viewers, who choose it more than once.

Official Synopsis: “The Fallout is the story of Vada, a high school student who experiences emotional aftermath after a tragedy at school. Her relationships with her family and her friends, as well as her view of her world, are forever altered.”.

2. The father of the bride:

It is one of the latest releases of hbo max. This film is original to the platform and combines drama and romance in the same story. Starring Andy Garcia, Diego Bonet, Adriana Arjona Y Gloria Estefanthe film reached the catalog of the on demand service on June 16, 2022 and is also among the highlights.

Official Synopsis: “Billy and Ingrid have been married for a long time and are surprised when their oldest daughter, Sofia, returns to Miami for a visit. But the surprises continue when she introduces them to her new boyfriend, Adan, and tells them that they are thinking of moving to Mexico. New version of ‘The Father of the Bride’ (1991) now starring a Latino family living in the United States”.

1. Spree:

This is the ideal movie for fans of horror, suspense and even stranger things. Well, it is starring one of its actors: Joe Keery. In this film, the actor brings Kurt Kunkle to life and surprises in an incomparable way with his work. Of course, it should be noted that the feature film is not from this year, but is part of the few films that were released in 2020.

Official Synopsis: “Obsessed with getting more followers, a host enacts a bloody plan to go viral. A comedian with his own agenda crosses his path and becomes the only hope to stop the massacre.”.

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