The 2nd season of A Casa do Dragão has not even premiered and already avoids the big mistake of the 1st

It has already been assured that the second season of The House of the Dragon will avoid one of the biggest problems of the first: the confusing time jumps.

They were narratively necessary to illustrate the twists and turns of various schemes and family dynamics. But they were also alienating for audiences, often making it difficult to keep up with both the constant reworking of characters, how exactly they interact with one another after the span of a few years, and how their motivations and personalities may have changed.

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That said, House of the Dragon’s time jumps and reworks, while confusing, still haven’t derailed the Game of Thrones spin-off as much – as evidenced by its Golden Globe win for best television drama, alongside Emma D’Arcy as well. winning best television actress for her role as Rhaenyra Targaryen after the time jump.

In many ways, the confusion caused by the time jumps was a necessary sacrifice to do justice to the book on which the series is based, George RR Martin’s Fire and Blood, a quasi-historical novel that details over a hundred years of House Targaryen’s reign. .

Still, many will no doubt be relieved to learn that House of the Dragon season 2 has a much more linear timeline planned.

Milly Alcock and Emily Carey in House of the Dragon.

The House of the Dragon will only return in 2024

The series The House of the Dragon, hit by HBO Max in 2022, is the first derivative of Game of Thrones to air. With a second season in development, the show definitely won’t return in 2023.

While the first season took a while to record due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the second year will follow the same path. The series will be recorded in 2023 and will probably premiere only in 2024.

“Supporters of Aegon Targaryen clash with supporters of his half-sister Rhaenyra over the throne of Viserys I, their late father, starting a civil war some 200 years before the events portrayed in Game of Thrones,” says the statement. synopsis.

The series stars Matt Smith, known for The Crown and Morbius, Emma D’Arcy, from Truth Seekers, and Olivia Cooke, from Motel Bates. Paddy Considine, Emily Carey and Milly Alcock complete the cast.

The House of the Dragon has its first full season on HBO Max.

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