The 2 billion mark should fall: Marvel hit comes back to the cinema with new scenes

Sony wants to know: The studio will soon bring its megahit “Spider-Man: No Way Home” back to cinemas – as an expanded “More Fun Stuff Version”.

It was an open secret even before it was released in cinemas and should be known at the latest due to the gigantic worldwide revenues of $1.9 billion to be none more. That’s why we’re going to refrain from a spoiler warning at this point: Yes, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” brings together the three most important live-action Spider-Men (Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland) in one film and sends them together in the fight against probably the most notorious opponents they have ever faced in their respective solo films.

This premise, this meeting of generations, was the key to success. And the fact that finally a member of the Avengers known to the audience was allowed to scurry across the screen. The massive box office success underpinned Spider-Man’s importance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and not only gave Sony Pictures the biggest hit in the studio’s history, but also gave him an important argument for later negotiations with Disney.

You can stream the theatrical version of Spider-Man: No Way Home on Amazon

After all, “No Way Home” is the most successful solo film within the MCU and the third most successful Marvel and superhero film of all time. Only “Avengers: Endgame” was more successful with around 2.8 billion US dollars and “Avengers: Infinity War” with 2 billion US dollars in revenue.

And this is exactly where Sony wants to remedy the situation: with a cinema return for “No Way Home”. But the film isn’t set to be re-released in theaters just like that, but in the form of an extended version with additional scenes that will also offer something new to superfans who have seen the film multiple times. Even Ramiro Alanis, who has seen the Spideys’ reunion 292 times and thus holds a Guinness World Record, then has a reason to go to the cinema again. The extended cut is appropriate “More Fun Stuff Version” and is supposed to be in the USA already on September 2, 2022 to be published:

“You wanted more Spidey and you’re getting it! ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home: The More Fun Stuff Version’ hits theaters in the US and Canada on September 2nd. More countries to be announced soon!”

So it should be fairly certain that Spidey will slide in between the two big “Avengers” films. Whether and when this version will also be available in this country is still pending. What is certain, however, is that German fans will also receive the “More Fun Stuff Version” – at least on Blu-ray/DVD/digital. We show you in the video which other Marvel films and series await you in the near future.

Marvel Movies and Series 2022-2024

Warning sign? Sony’s “Morbius” theatrical return was a flop

However, “No Way Home” is not the first Marvel film that Sony is bringing back to cinemas: In the USA, the studio only brought “Morbius” back to cinemas in early June. When it first ran in the spring of this year, the comic book adaptation, which is part of Sony’s own Spider-Man Universe (SSU), grossed just under 160 million US dollars worldwide – a flop. The re-release also flopped mercilessly.

So why did Sony bring the film back to theaters again? And that in direct competition with the supersonic hit “Top Gun: Maverick”? The reason was probably tweets that made a meme out of “Morbius” (“It’s Morbin Time”) and sarcastically praised it as a great film. There were even calls for the film to be shown in cinemas again. Sony obviously took that literally and hoped to be able to make up some ground again.

The “More Fun Stuff Version” of “No Way Home” should be spared this fate. Firstly, it has been a long time since the film was released in cinemas, secondly, the new version promises additional scenes. That wasn’t the case with “Morbius”. Not to mention that the Spider-Man movie isn’t just being hailed ironically…

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