"The 12 strokes of noon" : Yaël, midday master, reveals that his companion authorizes him to cheat on her with an actress from "mysteries of love" !

Thursday July 21, 2022, love, emotion, tears, everything came together in “Les 12 coups de midi”. The program first started with a magnificent testimony, that of Sabine, an ambulance attendant from Lyon who spoke of her illness and the importance that Jean-Luc Reichmann’s program took on at this difficult time. “It was difficult because it was during the Covid period and I only saw people in masks and it is true that it is very boring and it caused me a lot of pain. And I was looking forward to noon, a little before noon because you gave me back my appetite and it gave me a lot of good humor and I managed to eat when I saw you“, explained Sabine on the verge of tears before concluding: “I’m so happy to be here today, I made the promise and I got there.

Then it was Morgane, companion of the midday master, who burst into tears when she saw Keen’V arrive by surprise on the set. “I’m one of his biggest fans“, says the young woman. “Oh well I’m going to go give him a kiss“, then exclaims the interpreter of “I would like too much” who explains all the same to Yaël: “It’s a friendly kiss, don’t worry!”

But for the midday master, the rapprochement between his fiancée and the singer is not really a problem. “You are on the list of authorized persons. We have a list of four, five people. Besides, if Hélène looks at me…“, explains Yael provoking the incomprehension of Jean-Luc Reichmann. “Who is Helen?“, asks the host. “Helen from “Mysteries of Love”, specifies the stretcher-bearer. “Helene Rolles is on your list? But who else is there?“, wonders the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre. “Well there is Vanessa Paradis, Winona Ryder…“, he details before returning to the emotion of his companion generated by the presence of his idol. “I can be eliminated… his life is successful!“, he chants in excess.


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