"The 12 strokes of noon" : Keen’V arrives by surprise and "flirt" the companion of Yael, master of noon

From time to time, Jean-Luc Reichmann brings in personalities at “12 noon shots”. During the “blow by blow”, the host indeed invites a celebrity who comes to answer with the candidates questions relating to their career. On July 10, the host had, for example, invited Elie Semoun. The opportunity also that day to learn that the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre shared a great bond with the comedian he has known for many years.

And this Thursday, July 21, 2022, it is again a “very close” to Jean-Luc Reichmann who made a surprise appearance on the set. The candidates indeed had the chance to meet Keen’V. And as soon as he arrived On the set, the emotion was very palpable in Yaël’s companion, the midday master.While she was drying her tears of joy, Jean-Luc Reichmann turned to the young woman to question her. “I’m one of his biggest fans”, explains Morgane. “Oh well, I’m going to go give him a kiss”, exclaims the interpreter of “I would like too much”. But the singer did not stop there since he even shared a very “tightly stuck” dance with his admirer while the music of one of his many hits sounded.

Earlier in the show, the emotion was already there when Sabine, paramedic in Lyon revealed the disease which affected her for three years. “It was difficult because it was during the Covid period and I only saw people in masks and it is true that it is very boring and it caused me a lot of pain. And I was looking forward to noon, a little before noon because you gave me back my appetite and it gave me a lot of good humor and I managed to eat when I saw you“, explained Sabine on the verge of tears. The candidate then offered a magnificent declaration of love to her companion Catherine, with whom she has been married for a few years.


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