The 103-minute Netflix movie for wine lovers


Directed by Amy Poehler, the actress Parks and recreationthat comedy launched 3 years ago has a cast of faces familiar to fans of Saturday night Live.

Netflix, an ideal plan for the weekend.
© GettyNetflix, an ideal plan for the weekend.

In the wide catalog of series and movies available on Netflix An ideal comedy appears for people whose routine does not allow them to sit down to watch a three-hour production like batman. This is a story that was directed by amy poehler (Parks and recreation) in what was his debut in the director’s chair, which the platform launched in May 2019 and has a cast full of figures from Saturday night Live.

We are talking about between wine and vinegar, a comedy that speaks directly to a generation of women, those who are entering their fifth decade, although this does not mean that it is not accessible to the rest of the public. The plot focuses on six friends who worked in a Chicago pizzeria and who travel to Napa Valley to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of them in a vineyard where they will test everything they know or understand about life.

Abby (Poehler) She is the protagonist and the person in charge of coordinating each one of the aspects of the trip, to the point of doing it ad nauseam. Next to her is the birthday girl, Rebecca (Rachel Dratch)for whom his physique will be a constant problem; Naomi (Maya Rudolf)who underwent medical tests and believes that the results will not be positive; Val (Paula Pell)distressed by her loneliness; Jenny (Emily Spivey), who only believes that she is happy if she shares with her husband; Y Catherine (Ana Gasteyer), for whom the only thing that matters is work. In addition, we must add the appearances of the owner of the place they rent (tina fey), the driver who transports them (Jason Schwartzmann) and the local tarot reader (Cherry-Jones).

As well anticipates the progress of between wine and vinegarthis film has that dose of humor that so characterized the productions that catapulted much of the cast (especially Saturday night Live), with the lure of landscapes that will make more than one want to plan a trip to the nearest vineyard. A comedy that, with just over an hour and a half, will make you smile and become that ideal weekend plan.

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Since of Poehler we talked, it is fair to mention another great comedy that has her as a villain along with Will Arnettand which has the protagonists of Will Ferrell, Jon Heder and Jenna Fischerthe famous Pam from office. We refer to Blades of glory, centered on two ice figure skating competitors who are forced to work as a team and have to put aside their differences in order to become the champions of the competition. You can rent it at AppleTV.

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