The 10-year-old boy who bakes cakes to pay for surgery and dreams of opening his own bakery

Joaquín Nahuel Núñez is a child Argentinian 10-year-old whose story has shaken the internet. He has just started a pastry business to pay for reconstructive surgery after suffering a domestic accident that left him with 25% of his body burned. Today, the little one has become a sensation on social networks, where he shows the progress of his recipes.

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As he told the newspaper La Nación, he learned to cook from the age of 6 thanks to his grandfather Francisco. “I used to make cakes with him and then I started to like making the decorations and everything”said the minor, who perfects his technique by watching tutorials on YouTube.

He started when he was six years old when my dad told him to make cupcakes for tea. It puffed him up to make them, but at that time they weren’t made with filler. Then he just started making them with the filling and then the decoration of the cakes came and that is how the interest began. But I did that alone “said Raquel Escobar, the mother.

Most of the desserts go to raffles that her family organizes to raise the money necessary for their operations; however, the rest is donated to dining rooms and picnic areas.

The accident that left him with 25% of his body burned

Three years ago, Joaquín was playing with a bottle of alcohol that he sprinkled on an ember. Unfortunately, the fire reached him and he had to be admitted to the Hospital for Burns. At that time, the doctors told him that over the years, and due to the scar between his neck and his face, the mobility of that part of the body was going to become more difficult, so he would need several surgeries .

To pay for the operations, the little boy created a Facebook page called Delicias JN where he offers his desserts. At the moment, it only offers them in the city of General Rodríguez, since it does not have the means to go further.

His mother stressed that, over time, the child began to make cakes that were more difficult to make and without help from anyone. “He began to improve them on the top, to use padding, to use the peak and the sleeve. He liked that. He just began to assemble muffins, donuts, mini cakes, pastafrolas. He incorporated all this alone, because none of us knows pastry “, said.

In his social networks he shares how his desserts are, which has earned him thousands of followers. Recently, he published a photo with Carlos Zambrano, Lisando López, Sebastián Villa and Luis Advíncula, Boca Juniors players who received a cake from him.

When asked about his dreams, Joaquín has no doubts: “Be a pastry chef and enter Bake Off Argentina”.

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