The 10 most anticipated series of 2023

In addition to new seasons of existing series, streaming platforms and television channels are again offering us many exciting productions this year. Here is a non-exhaustive list of series not to be missed in 2023!

Lupine – Current 2023, Netflix

Assane (Omar Sy), the most gentleman of burglars with multiple schemes, is back in action! Now in hiding, he must learn to live far from his relatives. But Assane, who is tired of living far from his family, offers them to start another life elsewhere. Except that an unexpected return will upset all his plans…

Did you know ? Lupine is one of the most viewed non-English series on the video-on-demand platform!

“Dune: The Sisterhood” – Stream 2023 on HBO Max

Alongside the new “Dune” films, this series expands on the events of the novel “The Fellowship of Sisters” written by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Kerbert. Set approximately 10,000 years before the tale depicted in the 2021 film, the series looks back at the genesis of the mysterious sisterhood to which Paul Atreides’ mother belonged, the “Bene Gesserit”. At present, we know very little about this spin-off. More details will be communicated in the coming weeks.

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton story” – Current 2023 on Netflix

The successful series Bridgerton also has the right to its spin-off! These eight episodes recount the rise to power of young Queen Charlotte, future wife of King George III, whom we had the opportunity to discover in previous episodes of the hit series.

“Shrinking” – Stream 2023 on AppleTV+

A grieving therapist (Harrison Ford) begins to break the rules and say whatever he thinks to his patients, without necessarily taking a tweak. Unaware of his training and his professional ethics, he finds himself helping people to change their lives… without imagining that his own will be greatly upset in return!

“Bardot” on France Televisions

©France Televisions

Everyone knows Brigitte Bardot, the internationally known beauty icon. But rare are those who know his personal life, his flaws, his disappointments. In the first half of the year, France Télévisions will offer a six-episode biopic at the heart of BB’s intimacy, brilliantly embodied by Julia de Nunez.

“The disappeared from the Black Forest” – January 05 on TF1

Near the Franco-German border, 12 bodies are found in a mass grave. Camille Hartmann (Hélène de Fougerolles), investigating judge, investigates this chilling affair alongside Inspector Éric Maes (Grégory Fitoussi). But this macabre discovery will rekindle memories in her that she thought were buried forever…. Case to follow!

“Poker Face” – January 26 on Peacock

In this series by Rian Johnson (At daggers drawn, Glass Onion), Natacha Lyonne plays Charlie Cale, a young woman capable of discerning if someone is lying to her. Investigator, she uses her gift to solve crimes and mysteries of all kinds. In the 10 episodes of the series, she meets several characters, played by Adrien Bridy, Chloë Sevigny or Ron Pearlman, to discover the secrets hidden in her investigations.

“Wonderman” – Stream 2023 on Netflix

And no, this is not a series about a superhero! In this series by Tristan Séguéla and Olivier Demangel we follow the epic of Bernard Tapie, who died in October 2021. Played by Laurent Lafitte, the businessman, politician, actor and singer continues to arouse the curiosity of many French ! And we understand why !

“The Idol” – Stream 2023 on HBO Max

©HBO Max
You love to love Euphoria, the Sam Levinson series? then you will love it The Idol !
In this smashing new series, we follow the encounter between a rising American pop star, Jocelyn, played by Lily-Rose Depp, and the guru of a cocaine-addicted cult Tedros, played by Canadian singer The Weeknd. For their first time in a television series, the two actors will play opposite each other over an intrigue strewn with pitfalls!

“In Place” – January 20 on Netflix

©Thomas Bremond/Netflix
After simply black, Jean-Pascal Zadi offers us a new series full of laughter and good humor, bringing together, among others, Éric Judor, Benoît Poelvoorde, Marina Foïs and Pierre-Emmanuel Barré. The César-winning actor embodies this time an idealistic educator, propelled into the presidential race by accident. Will he be the new president?


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