The 10 Best Characters from the ‘Panic’ Franchise

Caution: spoilers ahead.

‘Panic’ It hasn’t become one of the most recognizable franchises in the movie business for whatever reason – and with the release of the fifth chapter of the saga, it’s notable that it gains even more fans around the world.

Mixing metalanguage, suspense and gore in one place, the saga created by the legendary Wes Craven was marked in the history of entertainment and revolutionized the genre in question, providing a new guise for the slasher that would be copied and remodeled many times over two and a half decades. And of course this wouldn’t be possible without a range of compelling and beautifully constructed characters.

From to final girl Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) to the psychotic Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts), there are several incredible persons who went through these feature films and, thinking about it, we created a simple list with the top ten of them (with the exception of those who made their debut in the most recent film).

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Intérprete: Laurie Metcalf

When Debbie Salt appeared on the doorstep of the Windsor College Theater and revealed herself to be Mrs. Loomis, Billy’s mother, the world was shocked to see her reveal herself as the other murderer of ‘Panic 2’. Aided by Mickey’s troubled mind, the character plunged into a personal vendetta, showing that she was as psychologically twisted as her own son and that she would do anything to kill Sidney. As if that weren’t enough, Ms. Loomis’s complex personality was perfectly absorbed by the incredible Laurie Metcalf – who stole the show every time he appeared.


Performer: Hayden Panettiere

‘Panic 4’ modernized the franchise slasher with all the intentions in the right place – but that didn’t open up much for a concise future of the Ghostface saga. Between ups and downs, Hayden Panettiere truly won our hearts as Kirby Reed, a fearless, seductive young woman who battled the killer until she met a tragic death (and a wish on the part of fans that she would somehow return in future films).


Performer: Skeet Ulrich

Billy Loomis was the franchise’s first hitman. ‘Panic’ and was brilliantly embodied by Skeet Ulrich. Billy posed as Sidney’s boyfriend and promised to stand by her side after Ghostface set his sights on the protagonist, as well as swearing to protect her from any harm. However, he was responsible for creating the plan to kill Sidney’s mother, accusing her of having an affair with his father and alienating him from the family. Billy has the “best” motivations in the franchise, and he’s also shown to be a first-rate sociopath. But if it wasn’t for Roman, he would still be happy with Sidney. Perhaps…


Performer: Rose McGowan

In the opening chapter of the saga, Tatum Riley shared the spotlight alongside Sidney. Playing her best friend, Tatum demonstrated, from the very first scenes, that she was not afraid of the threat of Ghostface and would do anything to stop him from continuing the slaughter in Woodsboro. Her sarcastic and acid personality made her one of the icons of ‘Panic’ — and his tragic and gruesome death became one of the most shocking in the entire franchise.


Performer: Emma Roberts

Despite mixed reviews, ‘Panic 4’ it’s an underrated entry in the saga slasher and managed, in some ways, to revitalize the film series by bringing storytelling into the digital age. And of course, with the emergence of social networks, the serial killer Jill (played by Emma Roberts) would start from a similar line: envying the fame of her cousin, Sidney, Jill architected a story very similar to what the protagonist had lived and made a point of becoming the final girl and becoming the center of the spotlight – that is, until biting his own tongue and meeting the fate of every other murderer in the franchise.


Performer: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore was the first character to appear in the franchise slasher and, despite the few minutes on screen, delivered a passionate and memorable performance as the young Casey Becker. already here, Kevin Williamson demonstrated impeccable storytelling skill, which built a person complex that would be eternalized in the culture pop to this day (and whose murder scene would be honored in several other feature films).


Performer: Jamie Kennedy

Randy Meeks was one of the few characters to appear in more than one film. ‘Panic’, having survived Ghostace’s attack in the original chapter and returning to help find the serial killer in sequence. His adorable and sometimes exaggerated personality, as well as his gigantic knowledge about horror movies, took him out of the mere supporting apparatus and turned him into a very important protagonist for the narrative – even being mentioned in ‘Panic 3’ and in this year’s onslaught.


Performer: David Arquette

Of course, the iconic delegate Dewey Riley would not be left out of our list – and he deservedly was remembered in third place. Dewey is one of the most well-built characters in the saga and has a very defined arc, in which he starts as a bumbling police assistant and ends his evocative journey as a powerful and benevolent man who will do anything to help those he loves and stop the killings of others. Ghostface.


Performer: Neve Campbell

It is customary in the entertainment scene that the protagonists are not usually very relatable, since they are embedded in Manichean archetypes and are not very well used in all their completeness. Fortunately, this is not what happens to Sidney Prescott: considered one of the most important final girls In the horror genre, Sidney has survived Ghostface’s attacks several times, dealing with betrayals and near-death experiences – in addition to an impeccable performance of Neve Campbell.


Performer: Courteney Cox

There are few characters in the culture pop contemporary that carry the same tragicomic weight as Gale Weathers, the journalist played by Courteney Cox in the saga. Gale starts out as one of Sidney’s antagonists, doing everything to reiterate media sensationalism and get the best scoops – but gradually becomes the girl and one of the closest and most trusted people in the world. final girl. Brave, fearless and unafraid to help others, Gale’s cautious arc is a lesson in how to build complex characters that will fall in the public eye.


Performer: Parker Posey

I know ‘Panic’ already posed as an extremely metalinguistic franchise, the third chapter dove headfirst into the self-referential atmosphere and took us into a movie within a movie. The narrative is set on the movie set of the saga ‘Stab’ – and one of the funniest characters is Jennifer Jolie, played by Parker Posey. Jennifer plays the film version of Gale Weathers and is extremely dramatic, neurotic, possessive and absolutely genius (which is why Posey has received praise from the public and the specialized critics).

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