The 10 best Argentine movies you can watch on Netflix

“The Wrath of God” has positioned itself among the most watched movies on Netflix since its premiere on June 15, 2022. Sebastián Schindel’s film, starring Diego Peretti and Macarena Achanga, has presented a drama wrapped in mysteries and murders. The fictionIn addition, it has divided the critics and the public, between those who praise it and those who criticize it.

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The truth is Argentine cinema has captured the attention of the general public of streaming platforms. For this reason, here we present a list with ten proposals for movies that you can find on Netflix.

Peretti with a red jacket in the movie “The Wrath of God” (Photo: Netflix)


10. “The illustrious citizen”

The movie “the distinguished citizen” starring Oscar Martinez is a masterpiece of dramatic comedy. Follow in the footsteps of Daniel Mantovani, a writer who has just won the Nobel Prize for Literature but has run out of ideas to continue writing. Believing that he can recover what was lost, he returns to his town, Salas, where he is received with an unusual pomp that will bring out the worst face of the narrator.

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9. “My masterpiece”

Another of the films that received applause is “My masterpiece“, starring Guillermo Francella, Luis Brandoni and Maria Soldi. It tells how the gallery owner Arturo plans to relaunch the career of Renzo, his friend, through an unorthodox proposal.

8. “XXY”

this tape is one of the most particular that Netflix has in its catalog. “XXY” stars Ricardo Darin, Lucia Puenzo and Valeria Bertuccelli. The film tells how a young 15-year-old hermaphrodite, named Álex, begins to recognize her sexuality, while she has to fight against prejudice and both verbal and physical attacks from her neighbors.

7. “The Official Story”

“La historia oficial” is the first Argentine film to win an Oscar in 1986with the leading performances of Hector Alterio and Norma Aleandro. Directed by Luis Puenzo, it is a drama set in 1983 and tells the story of a high-class couple who suspect that their adoptive daughter, before arriving at her house, was kidnapped during the military dictatorship.

6. “Fierce Tango”

While “Tango feroz” is a biographical film about José Alberto Iglesias Correa, an Argentine singer-songwriter known as Tanguito. The film reviews the most impressive and difficult moments of the musician, such as his intimate life and even his tragic death. The movie was very controversial during the 90s.

5. “Tommy’s notebook”

Meanwhile, the tape “Tomy’s notebook” is a story based on real life: the journey of María Vázquez, an architect diagnosed with cancer, to write a book that her four-year-old son Tomy can read when she has died of the disease. Her case went viral and reached the big screen with the performances of Valeria Bertuccelli, Esteban Lamothe and Julián Sorín.

4. “The photographer and the postman: The crime of Cabezas”

While, for fans of documentaries, it’s “The Photographer and the Postman: The Crime of Cabezas”a tape that reviews the murder of Joseph Louis Heads, happened in 1997, which paralyzed Argentina. The 105-minute production delves into crime and its relationship with the highest spheres of politics.

3. “Refugee”

On the other hand, there is the filmRefugee”, appeared in 2014 under the direction of Diego Lerman. The film is about Laura and her son Matías, who have the odyssey of finding a place to live after they fled due to family violence inflicted by the protagonist’s husband.

2. “Clandestine childhood”

is also “Clandestine Childhood”, a film set between 1976 and 1983, which tells the story of a family that returns to Argentina after exile. However, the one who will take the worst part is Juan, a nine-year-old boy who lives in hiding.

1. “The wrath of God”

Finally, I couldn’t miss the movie “The God’s anger”, the tape that has generated various comments for its plot. The film’s story focuses on Luciana, who is at the center of a series of deaths and who seeks to protect, despite everything, his sister Valentina.

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