"The 1-5 / 18": the tense coexistence between Lautaro and Mati, given Rita’s fear of their secret

Despite of the controversies surrounding the novel,The 1-5 / 18“continues to catch Argentine viewers. The stories of the characters, the conflicts and the plot that hides many secrets, arouses great interest every night. One of the main hidden truths is the one that carries Rita (Lali González), on the origin of Dead (Balthazar murillo), the adopted son of Renata (Bárbara Lombardo) and the Doctor Sebastian (Luciano Cáceres).

In Tuesday’s episode, Mati was angry with his parents for wanting to send him to study at a boarding school in England.They wanted to get rid of me by sending me to London, but I did not go, I came at one o’clock, so now that they banquen“, he exclaimed annoyed. Is that since some previous episodes, the boy is living with Rita and her husband Lautaro (Nico Garcia) in the neighborhood.

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The woman, in an attempt to make the boy understand his parents and reconcile, told him that adults always try to do what is best for their children, to which the young man replied: “Everyone except mine, the biological ones sold me and the adoptive ones don’t understand me“. At that moment, the face of Rita turned into a grimace of sadness, as she is the biological mother of the boy and is the only one who knows.

Rita is Mati’s biological mother, but he doesn’t know it yet.

Then the woman from Paraguay they worry when they see the bond they are making Mati and Lautaro, because of the strong crosses they have and because she knows of the bad influence that her husband can generate on the adolescent. To top, Renata, his adoptive mother, called to say goodbye to the boy and tells him that he will leave the family home they share with the doctor Sebastian.

The young man wept and said disconsolate: “Nobody knows what I feel, they always abandon me, Rita”. When Lautaro arrived, He invited her a beer and the woman exclaimed indignantly: “What are you doing Lautaro, you are not going to give alcohol to the baby.” “And what do you want me to give him a bottle so he doesn’t cry? He’s in trouble, let him have a little drink”, he answers, while they toast with Mati and Rita looks horrified.

Look at the tense moment between Rita and Mati with Lautaro!

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