"The 1-5 / 18": Gonzalo Heredia came to the aid of Esteban Lamothe at a delicate moment

“The 1-5 / 18” It became one of the most anticipated programs at night for Argentine viewers. With each episode, the plot and conflicts between the characters continue to grow, and the Friday night broadcast was no exception. Despite criticism on social media, El Trece continues in its commitment to national fiction.

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From the beginning of the season, it looks like the Father Lorenzo (Esteban Lamothe) wants to be present helping everyone in the neighborhood where the story takes place, but at one point his body said enough. Due to the stress and problems that arise, suffered an unforeseen event that complicated his state of health.

During one of the scenes in the chapter, you can see how he fainted in the middle of the street. Luckily for him, Bruno (Gonzalo heredia) appeared to help him, despite the fact that the priest refused to receive assistance. Minutes later, a doctor appeared to treat him in his room, when the neighbors’ scare had passed.

After the visit from the health professional, he wanted to leave Noelia alone (Eleanor Manso), who stayed at his home to take care of him. “Now the colors of his face began to appear, because before it was directly gray”the woman explained. Plus, he had a nice promise for after his recovery.

“I’m going to make you a little stew”He commented before asking one of his questions. “Why? Why so much sacrifice?”, he consulted. With complete sincerity, Lamothe concluded: “I had to do it, Noelia.”

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