"The 1-5 / 18": Agustina Cherri and Lali González lit the networks with a hot question and answer game

Agustina Cherri and Lali González are not only friends in fiction, but their friendship goes beyond the cameras. As there is less and less time to finish the recordings of “The 1-5 / 18”, the actresses began to play and be distracted between scenes.

Given this, the Paraguayan actress decided to make a section on her Instagram account called “Meeting you with Lali”, there the artist grabs her fellow cast members and asks them different questions. On this occasion, It was the turn of Gastón Pauls’ ex-partner.

The first question that González is heard saying is: “What gift cannot be lacking from a suitor to conquer Agustina?”. Chuckling, Cherri replied: “Emmm, an alliance of expensive value. “ Faced with the response that Lali received, she replied: “I like it, a Swarovski, a Tiffany, very good.”

After that question, they continued the spicy questions and the Paraguayan without hesitation asked him: “In sex, do you like sounds or mute?” With a face of itch, The Argentine actress approached the cell phone and whispered: “With sound”.

Agustina Cherri and Lali González acting in '<a href =The 1-5 / 18 ‘. “Data-height =” 372 “data-size =” w: 1200, h: 600 “data-width =” 745 “hspace =” 5 “src =” https: // www. Diariohow.com/export/sites/cronica/img/2022/01/08/agustina_cherri_y_lali_gonzxlez_actuando_en_xla_1-5_18x.jpg_1088481085.jpg “title =” Agustina Cherri and Lali González performing in ‘La 1-5 / 18’. “vspace =” 5 “>
Agustina Cherri and Lali González performing in “La 1-5 / 18”.

Both very funny closed the section and are already sending messages from “Miss you” and they still haven’t said goodbye. Despite the end of the novel, they will remain friends, no matter the distance.

Watch the video of Lali González’s questions towards Agustina Cherri!

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