Thau basin: Wings of the Ocean on a mission to clean up the city and the waters

Settled in Sète for less than three months, the Wings of the Ocean association launched the Thau mission to fight against plastic pollution.

The 15 volunteers from the Wings of the Ocean association have arrived in the Thau basin for five months with one objective: to protect it. Since their installation in May, more than 30 actions have been organized to ensure effective preservation of the lagoon. Cleaning or raising awareness, citizen involvement or partnerships: the association does not lack levers for action.

10,000 liters of waste

If the Thau basin is renowned for its idyllic setting, it nevertheless suffers from the pollution that affects the Mediterranean Sea. In two months, the volunteers organized no less than 25 cleaning operations. Between 1.5 and 1.8 tons of waste were collected along the coast, the equivalent of 10,000 L. And the catches are varied: cigarette butts, fishing residues, lollipop sticks, even condoms used or other tampon applicators.

What future awaits the collected waste?
Midi Libre – Shiny Hervais

Their mission is carried out hand in hand with other actors. The agglomeration’s Blue Brigade offers technical support for operations, when they are not jointly with similar associations such as Rescue Ocean. Citizens are invited to take part, to which the children readily respond, making the process part of their future reflexes.

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Once sorted by category, as much waste as possible is recycled: it currently represents 60% of their catches. Thanks to such an action, cigarette butts become energy, masks turn into school supplies. A surf board ? Plastic bottles, which can also re-enter the circuit in spectacle frames, when the latter are not made of fishing nets!

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