That’s why it is "The Masked Singer"- Caterpillar sure Sandy Mölling

This reveal might not come as a big surprise! The grand finale of The Masked Singer’s fifth season is on Saturday evening. Among other things, the caterpillar Resi sang its way to the hearts of the fans week after week and made it to the finals – but there she will eventually have to reveal her identity! For many fans it has been clear since the first broadcast that singer Sandy Mölling (40) has to be under the costume. In fact, it is very likely: Promiflash has once again gathered all the evidence that supports Sandy speak as a caterpillar …

English wings
The backstory of the caterpillar is that she is cleaning the “The Masked Singer” studio. In the process, she comes across a pizza box in a clue clip and asks: “Is that a clue or can it go away?” With a little imagination, the torn pizza box looks like angel wings – an indication of Sandys Band, die No Angels?

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Four pairs of feet
The caterpillar Resi has four pairs of little feet that are in roller skates. A popular theory on Twitter is that this for the No Angels stand: “One pair of feet per band member: Sandy, Lucy, Nadja and Jessica “, emphasized one of the many users last.

Own cloakroom
According to her statement in a clip, the caterpillar has always wanted “its own cloakroom” – so it could Sandys Dream of a solo career meant, which she finally fulfilled. This also fits the following detail …

The number 36
The caterpillar enters a cloakroom with the number 36 in the backstage area of ​​”The Masked Singer” in a circumstantial video. Mölling’s fifth and to date last single “Living Without You” reached number 36 in the German charts in 2006.

In an exclusive online clip, the caterpillar holds a cup in her hand. If you look very closely, you can see DJ Bobo’s (53) face and the word “Bobo” on it! A hint for Sandys Participation in the dance show Dance Dance Dance in 2017? The singer was a juror here.

Intermediate maturity
“You with your secondary school leaving certificate cannot replace me, because my record speed in cleaning the stage is less than two minutes. My supreme discipline since the beginning,” announced the caterpillar in a video of evidence. Sandy graduated from school with a secondary school leaving certificate. Just a coincidence?

Blueprint and mask
A crumpled medical mask can be seen in a clip of the caterpillar while cleaning. That could be an indication of the profession of Sandys To be a mother – because she’s a nurse! The blueprint that flashes in the background could also represent your father’s job: He’s a graduate engineer!

The voice
Last but not least, the caterpillar’s singing voice is of course an indication. Most of “The Masked Singer” viewers agree that that’s only Sandy can be! “If not Sandy of the No Angels is, I’ll eat a broom, “said one of many fans Twitter. “As a big no-angels fan, I know that Sandy Mölling is, “wrote another.

The caterpillar Resi in “The Masked Singer”
Lucy Diakovska, Jessica Wahls, Sandy Mölling and Nadja Benaissa in July 2021

Instagram / lucydiakovska

Lucy Diakovska, Jessica Wahls, Sandy Mölling and Nadja Benaissa in July 2021
Sandy Mölling in June 2019 in Magdeburg

Instagram / sandymoelling

Sandy Mölling in June 2019 in Magdeburg
The caterpillar in “The Masked Singer”
DJ Bobo at “Dance Dance Dance” in Cologne in July 2017
Sandy Mölling bei “Dance Dance Dance” 2017
Sandy Mölling, singer

Instagram / sandymoelling

Sandy Mölling, singer
The caterpillar, “The Masked Singer” costume
Sandy Mölling at a No Angels press conference in Munich, 2007

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