That’s why "Bachelor in Paradise"-Leon didn’t kiss Stephie

What was on his mind? Leon Knudsen (35) caused confusion at Bachelor in Paradise: Actually, the hamburger got on really well with the candidate Stephie Stark (27). The two even kissed on the first night. On a romantic single date, however, he suddenly behaved strangely and backed away from the woman from Cologne. celebrity flash so I checked with him: Why didn’t Leon want to kiss Stephie?

In an interview with celebrity flash the 35-year-old explained that he did not feel like kissing in the situation. “A situation that just screams romance (like a one-on-one date) where everyone expects a kiss puts pressure on me and doesn’t feel good”, he admitted. He also felt like Stephie was forcing a kiss: “In addition, for me it was as if Stephie really wanted this kiss in front of the camera, I didn’t feel that at the moment and then I’m not forced to do it. […] I don’t need a romantic kiss for the viewers to prove we’re great.”

Nonetheless, Leon was very interested in continuing to get to know Stephie. The single date didn’t change anything either: “After the date, I also said that there were phases when I had ‘butterflies in my stomach’. My emotional state was still completely open.”he revealed.

“Bachelor in Paradise” will air weekly starting November 3, 2022 RTL+.

Stephie Stark, “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant 2022

Bachelors in Paradise, RTL+

Stephie Stark and Leon Knudsen on their single date
Leon Knudsen, “Bachelor in Paradise” candidate 2022

Can you understand Leon’s point of view?

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