That’s why Amber Portwood lost custody of her son

Was her revealing book Amber Portwood (32) fatal in the custody dispute? Last week, the teen mom fame had to cope with a major setback: she finally lost custody of her four-year-old son James to her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon. He went to court against the mother of his child in 2019. But why did the judge decide ambergris remove custody of their child?

From documents that The Sun are available, the reason for the judgment emerges. Accordingly, the judge read the 32-year-old’s tell-all book, in which she writes about her drug history, domestic violence and her mental health problems. But not only the statements that ambergris in the writing influenced the judge’s decision – there were also serious allegations against the TV star: The mother of two is said to have used drugs while pregnant with her son. Traces of THC were found in the boy’s body after birth.

But that’s not all. A photo was also presented as evidence during the trial to show that ambergris used drugs in the presence of her child. In her statement after the verdict was announced ambergris However, that she has worked on herself in recent years: “I have spent years making amends for my mistakes and have done everything that was asked of me,” she emphasized Instagram.

Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood, 2017

Instagram / realamberlportwood1__

Amber Portwood with her son James

Instagram / realamberlportwood1__

Amber Portwood, reality TV star

Are you surprised that the judge was swayed by Amber’s tell-all book?

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