That’s it, Emmanuel Macron has chosen his new Prime Minister!

Re-elected President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron obtained 58.6% of the vote against Marine Le Pen on Sunday April 24, 2022. A victory that Brigitte Macron’s husband celebrated by heading to the Champ-de-Mars accompanied by many supporters and political figures of his government.

After being officially invested as President of the French Republic for a new five-year term on May 7, Emmanuel Macron left France to go to Germany. Indeed, the Head of State met Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday 9 May.

Emmanuel Macron has already made his choice

During a press conference in Germany, Emmanuel Macron indicated that he knew who was going to be his Prime Minister. A surprising big announcement given that the official date of the cabinet reshuffle has still not been communicated…

“I know, but I’m not going to say it here, or now. We have the right to have a follow-up in the ideas “, declared Emmanuel Macron about his future right arm… The mystery therefore remains whole concerning the identity of Jean Castex’s successor… Case to follow in the coming days!

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Lisa Ziane

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